Dave Matthews Band
Vets Memorial Auditorium (Johnson & Wales University), Providence, Rhode Island
Graph of songs performed, by album
Dancing Nancies
Lie In Our Graves
Two Step
Let You Down
Crash Into Me
Angel from Montgomery
Too Much (Golden Years)
So Much To Say
Proudest Monkey
Stream (Tim solo)
Deed Is Done
Little Thing
Say Goodbye
Tripping Billies
Lover Lay Down
Pay For What You Get
Ants Marching
Christmas Song

Craig T.
I have to agree with the fact that the crowd was horrible, but I must say that Dave did not seem to mind...he was joking, laughing, gettin crrrrrraaaazy and just mellowin out. I did think that the setlist was INCREDIBLE though. Im sorry to say it, but I think I have to repeal what I said about D&T flyers. Yes, they would be a good idea in theory, but I think that for some crowds it would make people just want to blatantly ignore the rules. i HATE to say it, but I think that we've all seen it...Dave is too comercialized by the radio. People just dont know the grassroots sound that he came from. As if you couldnt predict it, but I was astonished to see how few people new Angel from Montgomery, The Christmas Song, Pay for What You Get(!!!!), and many others. Its true...people were there just because it was the thing to do. BTW, i was talking to a guy on the Boston College Board of Programmers, and he said that D&T passed up a bid of $100,000 to play in Providence...I found that interesting. I also found it interesting that he asked if there was anyone from RISD in the crowd...I dunno ...crazy. Well there's my 2c.
Peter C.
It was my first Dave and Tim show (thanks to Jerry for that one), so I have nothing to compare it to, but the crowd was HORRIBLE. So many loud, drunk annoying tough-guys, screaming out "Warehouse!" and "Dave we love you". Equally annoying people standing up all the time and dancing. I mean come on, dancing during Lover Lay Down and Let You Down??? I feel like such a Dave- snob, wishing the whole time that people would just sit back, listen to the music, and appreciate this event for what it is. It is not a regular show. It is an intimate acoustic evening. For a lot of people there, it was not about the music, it was just what everyone else was doing on Thursday night, so what the hell. I'm sorry to offend anyone, but for those of you who were there and have been to the other shows on this tour, you know what I mean. There was very little Davespeak, mainly because everyone was yelling in between songs, and you couldn't even hear him. I guess the days of small intimate shows with Dave and Tim when you could actuallty hear their chairs squeak like I've heard on some of my tapes are over. Well, enough of my ranting, I still had a great time despite everything else. There were those few moments during the show, when the place was completely quiet, the music was perfect, and all was right with the world. Take care.