Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds
Hass Auditorium, Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania
Graph of songs performed, by album
Tripping Billies
Dancing Nancies
So Much To Say
Let You Down
Lie In Our Graves
Help Myself
Crash Into Me
Two Step
Proudest Monkey -->
Too Much
Stream (Tim solo)
Watermelon Song
I'll Back You Up
What Would You Say
Say Goodbye
Jimi Thing (What Will Become of Me)
Ants Marching
Typical Situation

Carly G.
ok- how AMAZING is that setlist? every song sounded amazing with the 2 of them jammin together on stage. dave and tim were so cute together. they looked like 2 little boys goofing around and having the best time together. dave was absolutely HYSTERICAL!!! he was cracking jokes through the whole night. everyone was laughing. here is some davespeak: when he first came on stage dave had a piece of paper in his hand and he said, "i have a message from bill who is in the 7th row. this message is a request. it says DAVE- PLEASE play lover lay down because if you play that, i will get laid by my girlfriend, jill. then dave says, "hey bill, i wrote the damn song, if anything, jill and I should be getting it on tonight!" IT WAS SO FUNNY. then, he was drinking out of a cup and someone yelled, "dave, what are you drinking?" dave replied, "elephant piss and damn it is good." dave was acting like he was gay for a little bit. he said in a gay voice, "we have a little something for everyone." out of nowhere, dave started to sing,"WE ARE THE WORLD." it was hysterical. also, he explained that when he and tim were first playing i'll back you up, (when they were recording it) they were in a room with toilet pipes and just when they almost had a perfect tape, someone would take a dump and they would hear it through the pipes, and they had to start all over again. ok--- get ready for this. after the show i went to where his bus was parked and there were only about 5 other people there at the time so i walked down and looked straight into the bus. it was the NICEST thing i have ever seen. there was a huge bar and beffet set up. it was decorated beautifully. in the front window there was one of those alien faces with a hat on it. anyway, the security guard came over and told me i couldn't be down there. so i waited for dave to come out. by this time there were a lot more people around all waiting for dave to come out and get on the bus. so, finally dave came out and was bombarded by people. i was completely in disbelief that he was right there. i went up and SHOOK MR. MATTHEWS hand. i wanted to say something to him but i couldn't get any words out. i was speechless. he looked so cool with his warm fleece on and his oakleys on top of his head. anyway, that is my great story-- i shook his hand. anyway, it was an AMAZING show.