Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds
Warner Theatre, Erie, Pennsylvania
Graph of songs performed, by album
Lie In Our Graves
Dancing Nancies
Let You Down
Two Step
Jimi Thing
Is Chicago, Is Not Chicago
Say Goodbye
So Much To Say
Too Much (Fame)
Stream (Tim solo)
Angel From Montgomery
Proudest Monkey -->
Crash Into Me
Typical Situation
Tripping Billies
Ants Marching
I'll Back You Up

-Recently...cut short by truly obnoxious crowd -#41...ditto (I was so mad at these people) *Davespeak: talking about "self-humiliation" for a little "decoration" in regards to painting one's fingernails (like Tim) or wearing women's deodarent! Encourages the men in the audience to get in touch with their feminine side for those special moments...very funny stuff -LIOG...OK, you know the usual pause? Well, Dave was really ticked about the crowd that refused to shut up and sit down so he says in the pause, "It's not that I'm not flattered, but..." and then relates how the crowd should "hold back, hold back" in their enthusiasm for each song as if they were "making love and it keeps getting better and better." Well, the crowd just wasn't getting it, and continued their nonsense until song #5. Argh. -Dancing Nancies -Let You Down...sings "Timmy's gonna whistle on his guitar...I don't whistle at all...LeRoi's not in the hall today." :) -Two Step...sings "Be sure to write." Long jam *Dave tells a hilarious story (while resting his hand that he's afraid will turn purple and fall off-THUD!) about dogs with "neuticles" in California...I won't tell this because I don't want to ruin it in case he repeats it! -Jimi Thing...new intro having to do with "you want me too"...very dramatic pauses -CHICAGO!!!!!? I've never heard this before, only read about it...VERY groovin! If anyone could tell me more about this song, please share! It sounds a lot like Soul Coughing... -Say Goodbye *story about how Greeks started Western Civilization and "they were all wasted", tells funny story about how pot smokers always address people in history as those who indulged too..."Winston Churchill? Yeah, smoked pot!" Dave uses the word "ironic" even though he says he's trying to think of a different word because the word is used so often in the wrong way...was this an ALANIS flame? -SMTS -Granny!!! -Too Much...best I've ever heard it!!! Very twangy, honky-tonk AND the David Bowie references he did in Crashing the Quarter. who could ask for anything more? -Dave leaves stage for a smoke while Tim does Stream. one word...WOW -Angel from Montgomery!!!...one word...stunning -Proudest Monkey...you just have to see his face when he sings this -PM goes into Satellite (it's no big surprise...) -Crash Into Me...no "king..." -Typical Situation!!! -Tripping Billies...Dave broke a string during this one and made so many FUNNY faces as he tried to finish the song! -Ants Marching...He gives the other guitar "a whirl"...doesn't like it encore: I'll Back You Up long, unidentifiable intro->Warehouse!!...rockin