Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds
Stanley Theatre, Utica, New York
Graph of songs performed, by album
Lie In Our Graves
Lover Lay Down
Dancing Nancies
Pay For What You Get
Say Goodbye
Help Myself
So Much To Say
Crash Into Me
The Song That Jane Likes
Two Step
Stream (Tim solo)
Let You Down
Too Much
I'll Back You Up
Leave Me Praying
Is Chicago, Is Not Chicago
Proudest Monkey
Tripping Billies
Typical Situation
Ants Marching

Ben C.
1 - LIOG Although LIOG is rarely used as an opener, I think it was a great occasion for a Dave and Tim show. There was no "Till We Dance Away" at the end, but what the heck - a great 10 second breather so Dave could have a drink in the middle. Dave started to do his new "One Step" sitting down - Two Step kinda thing. Tim didn't seem to be quite into it yet, but was amazing later. 2 - #41 After #41, I was thinking this was going to be a Crash night (it was actually! - every song off of Crash except DIDO and Cry Freedom.) which was quite disappointing. I was hoping for a lot more older stuff, but that's what mega-fame does to one. Tim seemed to get into his running stance while playing this one! 3 - Lover Lay Down Great! Lover Lay Down had a really nice finish to it...a jam until a complete stop. The crowd was not annoying except for the stoned fans behind us...who were named Enunciation Boys by Dave. 4 - Nancies Nothing really special about it tonite. 5 - PFWYG Tim!!!!!! Tim was amazing during this song, using a great finish that also ended in a sudden stop. The crowd was actually terrific during this song - finally some RESPECT for Dave and Tim. 6 - Recently Some girl shouted out Pretty Pretty Girl, so Dave did a thirty second improv of it and also a nice On Broadway. Oh you can see the magic in the air. 7 - Say Goodbye I have always loved the accoustic entry to this song, amazing! The whole crowd was really mellow during this song. 8 - Help Myself YES!!!!!! There was only about 20 of us in the crowd who knew what this song was, so we kept having to explain the name to everyone. 1-800-Help-Yourself! 9 - Captain Of This Ship Hmmm. The New Song. Great - doesn't really compare to any other DMB song, it is slower than Two Step, faster than PFWYG. 10 - So Much To Say I don't have So Much To Say about this song. Just two words: Radio Crowd. What is this? I mean does everyone have to sing and clap along at D&T? 11 - Crash Into Me Read #10 12 - STJL Good - I was just disappointed Dave didn't sing his favorite line of music (Suck da da da da da da Suck da da da da da da.... like at Swarthmore, PA 9-24-95.) 13 - Two Step Nice accoustics in this one. 14 - Stream!!! The highlight of the night for me. The 116 people who went to get refreshments & merchandise during this song obviously missed one of the greatest live performances of all time. Tim is the one and only greatest guitar player of all time. 15 - Let You Down Hey, I like it. Dave sang his tune about not being able to whistle in the middle of a verse!! 16 - Too Much An amazing song in accoustics. Wow. Too much! I may hate it with the whole band, but didn't want to miss it tonite! 17 - I'LL BACK YOU UP YES!!!!!! This was the first time I had EVER heard my favorite song LIVE. So many concerts, so little IBYU's. Do what you will, always walk where you like, your steps, do as you'll please, I'll BACK YOU UP. 18 - Weight Of The World I thought it was like Tomorrow Never Knows (intro to Minarets) 19 - Is Chicago, Is Not Chicago I don't like Soul Coughing. But anything that Dave sings is good, but I won't get their CD like Dave told me too do. 20 - Proudest Monkey Dave was making Monkey faces during this song.!!!! TIM is the man!!!!! A great guitar finish! 21 - Satellite Inevitable. Not too bad. 22 - Tripping Billies Inevitable. Not too bad. 23 - Typical Situation Cool. Dave kinda messed up the lyrics when he said that if we don't get in line we'll all get locked....then couldn't of anything.....so he said Timmy! 24 - Ants Marching Nice accoustics Tim. 25 - Warehouse Great. I love this song in accoustics. Amazing. Last verse went on and on and on. After the show, we went and talked to the Red Light manager or someone, and then went out to the bus. There were about 30 people there and we started to sing Me & Julio, but only a few of us knew the words. Dave took about 45 minutes to come out, and when he did, it was cool. Security guards suck. Especially Security Guard 139. 2 inches from Dave. Almost cut my finger off getting it slammed in the bus door.