John Paul Jones Arena, Charlottesville, VA
Graph of songs performed, by album
Opening Band: Robert Randolph and the Family Band
Pantala Naga Pampa * -->
Rapunzel *
Everyday *
Proudest Monkey * -->
Satellite *
Hunger for the Great Light *+
The Idea of You *+
Rhyme & Reason *+~
Louisiana Bayou *+
Can't Stop
You Might Die Trying *+
So Much to Say *+ -->
Too Much +*
Jimi Thing *+
Two Step *@
Sister #
So Right *
Ants Marching *

Show Notes:
* Rashawn Ross on trumpet and vocals
+ John D Earth on trumpet
~ Joe Lawlor on guitar
@ Robert Randolph on slide guitar
# Dave solo

Andy D.
Got to hear quite a few songs I had never heard... but hands down Rhyme & Reason with Joe Lawlor was the best song i've ever seen live. The So Right-> Ants encore closer was off the hook too.
Kelly T.
Another amazing show... Quite possibly my favorite show ever (but I've only been to 6).

John Paul Jones was rocking tonight. It seemed like there wasn't a bad seat in the house. The venue was small enough so that the energy was everywhere. During the Everyday/36, it seemed like the entire arena was singing "HANI HANI"s. It was my first time participating too and that was fun. Also, props to the lighting crew- they really used the JPJ arena spotlights really well, right on cue for solos/jams/intros.

The newer songs by now have all caught on to the crowd so people were loving it... especially Idea of You - Dave seems to love singing that one.

Louisiana Bayou - Boyd was on fire!! He was flying all across the stage and leaning over the edge and just jamming with everyone. He brought his A game tonight for sure.

Jimi Thing and Two Step were extended and jammed out like crazy. Robert Randolph got in on Two Step with his slide guitar and looked like he was having so much fun. It's that type of positive energy that DMB and friends just create- you gotta love it. Carter stole the show at the end of Two Step- it was no holds barred for this rendition.

Overall, it was a good mixed setlist and the crowd seemed to enjoy all the songs. One other interesting thing I noticed tonight- Dave kept inviting guests on stage to play (more than usual) AND he spoke a lot more than usual in between songs! In fact, one of his first Davespeak lines of the night was something like "I think I'll be driving my own car home tonight!" Welcome home DMB.
Estofan Z.
My first DMB show. Had a great time.

Gotta say, I've been listening to rock and roll fanatically since 1962 (age 9), and attending concerts since 1969. Carter is the best drummer I have ever heard, ever, anywhere, period. Perfect timing, and a virtuoso with great taste, never showy. For me he was the show, though I really enjoyed Boyd during his more inspired moments, and Randloph was The Man on the pedal steel.

BTW, JPJ is a world class venue. But let me add, I sat in a suite, where you can drink beer, and that made the show even more pleasant by far.
1st show I've seen since the 12.10.2005 show at MSG that will go down in history as one of the best ever. 9.22.06 was a solid show, but not over the top, it seemed like the band left a little in the tanks to close up strong tonight...very excited for that. I almost felt like Friday night was just Set I, and Set II is tonight. The first half of the show's setlist was nearly identical to the previous show's, and almost as if DMB didn't put a whole lot of thought into it. As has been true with this tour, the guests stole the show for the most part. The guitarist on Rhyme and Reason was explosive and quite talented. It was very fun to see John D'Earth get down with his old friends for a long part of the show too. I've seen a few "dueling banjos" as the breakdown for Two Step over the past 8 years of seeing DMB live, and even watching Timmy battle Bela back in the day was incredible, but seeing Carter bring Robert Randolph to his knees was spectacular. Randolph just couldn't keep up with the seemingly ageless Carter.

I hope they bust out the 06 tour revivals tonight, Dreaming Tree, Raven, Big Eyed Fish, and of course, Last Stop.

Though given the Crash heavy set last night, I'm execting more of the same, tonight I'm betting on Billies, Nancies, Lie in our graves, and Watchtower. Can't wait.
What a let down, I have seen this show a dozen times. This setlist could have taken place in Anytown, USA but we were in C-ville, WTF?!?!? There should have been some rare stuff played, some crazy stuff pulled out, some magic, ya know? Typical DMB show. Typical songs. Typical good jams but no creative set list, breaks my heart. The one good thing I can say about this show is that PM was the best I have seen outta around 50+ shows. Quality PM.

C-ville is beautiful and JPJ is a great venue except the dryness of it.
This was my second Dave show. My first was at the MCI center in Washington, DC during his 2002 Winter tour. I arrived after Randolph and the Family Band finished up. The energy was palpable when I entered JPJ. These guys not too long ago used to play in Jaberwoke and the Virginian and lived off tips, now they're comin home as one of the top bands in the world.

The opener was alright. What really got the crowd going was Rapunzel. Best song in 5/4 time since Led Zeppelin's "The Crunge".

I like what the band did with Everyday/36. Another solid crowd pleaser.

I was suprised he played Proudest Monkey, which they rarely play live.

I really liked Hunger for the Great Light. Though I'm not a fan of their new album, this track stood out to me.

Louisiana Bayou. Two words: Boyd freakin Tinsley. The Sigma Nu brother was in rare form that night, goin crazy on stage, crowd was loving it.

Too Much was a rocker. That was the loudest I heard the audience all night.

Crash was great.

To me, the best song of the night, Two Step. The one and only Mr. Robert Randolph came out and played pedal steel guitar. I have never seen a musician have so much fun onstage as Randolph. His solo was unreal.

Encore was pretty good. Sister was very pretty, if you wanna get some pussy, learn the song, it's pretty much guaranteed. Ants Marching was a very fitting closer.

I'm glad that they taped the show. Dave and the boys did not disappoint their hometown crowd.
Dan B.
First time I've seen DMB since VA Beach in 2002. I'm not a big fan of their new stuff and wasn't a fan of Hunger very much at all but the rest of the setlist was awesome. I think Dave was hammered the entire night because he was rambling alot but it's cool!

I think the show started off a bit slow but the second half was SICK. Best songs of the night were by far Ryme and Reason, Too Much (hate the studio version but always rocks live), Lousiana Bayou I(Boyd just went off for about 10 min)and the BEST Two Step I've ever heard. Carter is the best rock and roll drummer that I've ever heard surpassing Tommy Lee (yes, he's that good). Carter just went on this 30 min friggin JAM with Robert Randolph and RR couldn't keep up and at one point, just threw his hands up in the air.

Great show, great venue, and overall a GREAT time!
I waited two months for C-Ville and what a show! Soon as “So much to say” started .. I really was hoping for Anyone one seen the bridge and so so glad I got to hear it. What a treat!!! I was dancing hard boy! Decent seats thanks to the warehouse and Two Step with Robert Randolph was just fantastic! So Right just rocks – I love that song more every time I hear it. Can’t stop and idea of you are really catching new tunes – which is always refreshing to hear new music.. Thanks DMB !!