Gorge Amphitheatre, George, WA
Graph of songs performed, by album
Granny *
Typical Situation *
Grey Street *
Where Are You Going?
The Idea of You *
Lie in Our Graves *
Crush *
The Dreaming Tree *
The Last Stop *
Digging a Ditch *
Can't Stop
Jimi Thing *
Tripping Billies *
Loving Wings *
(Star Spangled Banner) ~
All Along the Watchtower *

* Rashawn Ross on trumpet
~ Stefan solo

WOW! That is all I can say about this year. I have attended every Dave show at the Gorge since they started, and this year was absolutely amazing! Saturday night was pretty mellow, playing the WONDERFUL new song "Butterfly," (LOVED IT!!!), but then Dave went crazy! I don't think I have ever seen, or felt, the emotion in "She Said" ever before in another set! I just stood there, watching him and the band and the emotion! Like I have said before, "WOW!" I had shivers! I love everything about the band, the crowd, etc. The only thing that I really miss are "the ladies!" I love the gospel, sexy, womanly sound of their background voices. I know that they have not been featured on the new stuff, but I think it would have fit in really well with the Southern feel of some of the new stuff. I am in no way a music critic, just someone who absolutely loves all kinds of it, especially the Dave Matthews Band, but I just love that feeling when the ladies are harmonizing, Dave is singing and the band is rocking....guess I am just old fashioned!
David S.
After over 35 DMB shows, this could very well be the best ever!!! They started strong and didn't stop and you could feel the intensity from the entire band.

LIOG, Crush, Tripping Billies and Watchtower were all at the top of their game. The Idea Of You was maybe the best I'v heard and it sounds like Dave has found his range with this song. Dreaming Tree was CRAZY and Carter didn't want it to stop. He kept kicking up the intensity and the song ended up lasting over 20 minutes. Jimi Thing was amazing... as it has been all summer with Butch singing along with the piano. Truly an great show from start to finish and again, one of the best for me.

Saturday was fantastic as well and I think the combo of the 2 nights covered pretty much every song from the summer. Gorge ROCKS, that's all I'm gonna say.
First time back at the Gorge since '02. After a 4 year drought it was gooooood to be back to "heaven's ampitheater"! Unfortunatly, I was only able to make it to night 3 of the weekend, but the show, and camping experiance were very good. This was my 3rd show in as little as a month as I had gone to both nights at Randall's the first weekend in August. Just in that short amount of time, i was surprised to see how well some newer songs have come along...especially the Idea of You. Jimi had changed pretty extensivly too between song band member transitions as well. LIOG was very very good and Boyd was on point all night. It's hard to compare that version vrs. the Boyd and Bela Fleck version I heard at Randall's, so I'll keep that topic under the table. Carter as usual was rockin like a mo-fo and LOVED Dreaming Tree and the intro to Last Stop.

Nice to hear Loving Wings and the touching tribute Dave made to a fan named Robert that he had met at a Dr's office once before. Robert was killed by a drunk driver in March this year. "We wish he was here tonight Jamming with us"... Rashawn's solo and "I dream of Genie" tease was nice. They whipped that out in NYC too, but was for a different song (#41).

The only negative I'd give it was my choice of seating. We decided to be at the very top of the lawn section waaaaay in the back. Made it difficult to hear well as the breeze would sometimes distort the sound. Of course, this was my own stupid I should just keep my mouth shut!

Great summer of DMB. It's been a few years since I've seen the BAND together. A lot of D&F and D&T recently, but there just aint nothing like Dave and the boys! I'm sure to go back to the Gorge next way am I going to avoid that place for another 4 years EVER again.