Dave Matthews Band
The Tabernacle, Atlanta, Georgia
Graph of songs performed, by album
Opening Band: none
Pantala Naga Pampa *
Rapunzel *
Two Step
Stay *
Recently (Norwegian Wood)
The Stone
Satellite *
Too Much
Halloween *
Crush *
Typical Situation
The Last Stop
Crash Into Me *
Don't Drink the Water *
Tripping Billies (Nature)
Jimi Thing
So Much To Say *

* originally aired by MTV

Scotty C.
What a show!  the Tabernacle was so incredible!  There was a really strong vibe throughout the whole place:  it was so small compared to all the other venues.  The night was really hype.  I was in the first balcony level (not general admission), so i dont know how the floor was.  it looked kinda crazy, there was some crowdsurfing and idiots throwing crap.  anyway, onto the show: dave came out onto the stage jumping.  it was great.  he had on silver shoes, if i could see correctly.  another color thing:  stefan had green hair!  and leroi had an earring, which i dont think that i've ever noticed before.  he was playing a new, beautiful soprano, too Rapunzel: what an incredible song.  I love it, it was a great opener with a nice jam at the end.  it has such a great mood to it.  amazing. Two Step:  I knew that they'd play it.  it was awesome.  the jam, to me, seemed to be cut a little short, but it was still awesome.  i noticed that dave changed the yelling at the end to just one note, if that makes sense. Stay: I love it!  my 60 second wave file did little justice to this song.  Stay was in my head for the rest of the night after the show.  its very 'happy' and light and seta great groove.  simply amazing. Recently:  I'm so glad that they pulled this out.  my girlfriend and i were hopin for this, and what a great version.  he started out with a little norweigan wood intro, then something about smoking herb, then an excellent version of the song. The Stone:  very 'Drive in Drive outsy'  it was a ggod song, once again very dark.  Satellite:  all in all, i was delighted to hear it.  Good version, nothing out of the ordinary.  i guess, for a lot of the people, this was the first song that they knew so far, maybe except two step.  it got LOUD. Too Much: Good version.  Replaced "want too much" with "dont smoke enough" Crush: Well, kinda Crush.  Dave had had trouble tuning his guitar and was cussing himself for taking so long.  after the first 2 lines, he yelled "STOP!" and said that he couldnt play any more of the song unless he did it right. Halloween:  So, instead of going back to Crush, he pulled out the new Halloween, which was AMAZING!  yup, THE WORDS are still in there.  the first time that i've heard it live, and it was great. Crush: So they tried again, and this song is unbelievable.  Stefan did a little extended jam at the beginning, and the song was _____ (fill in word).  Nobody around me knew the words, and it was great just to sing my heart out to this song.  Utterly amazing. Typical Situation: Cool intro at the beginning, very nice, long version.  they did the "happy" jam, too!  Fabulous. The Last Stop:  It really does sound middle eastern.  Boyd pulled out a different violin for this one.  Dave does the Halloweeny voice at the end.  its a really good song, not slow or mellow until the jam at the end where everything just kinda slows down and mellows out.  Leroi was goin off. Crash into Me: as soon as i saw the orange electric guitar, i knew that they were gonna play it.  Everybody went crazy.  Nothing too special about it, no "King of the castle" line.  The cameraman stuck his camera right in my face, so maybe i'll be on MTV! Pig:  Amazing.  I really love this song.  its soooooo good.  no one knew the words....i did!  the song was beautiful and VERY emotional.  Great outro.  This and Crush really helped make the night.  Don't Drink the Water: Inevitable.  sounded great, even without the guests.  the end was great.  once again, so much emotion!!! Tripping Billies:  started out with Nature, then into the best Billies that i've ever heard live.  it was so hype and big and crazy and everybody was dancin and it was unbelievable.  CRAZY!  cameraman liked me again! Jimi Thing: Great version.  great encore.  wonderful jam at the end.  i was suprised when it didnt get loud at the 'smoke my mind' part.  wonderful.  Another camera! So Much To Say: Nice, not too special. i kinda wish that they woulda ended with something else, but this might become a thing on the new tour.  it was good to hear it, but LIOG wouldve been unreal. The show was magnificent.  Some DaveSpeak..he apologized for his profanity in a professoresque (?) voice.  to the guy with the laser pointer: i will find you and kill you!  somebody threw a bra, and he thought it was s**t stained tighty whities!  See y'all next time!
Matthews L.
The concert rocked, and us hardcore fans were glad that Dave pulled out of some of the good shit for the show.  That 20 minute Jimi Thing was freakin incredible.  This new album is going to be awesome, with Crush and The Last Stop (kind of a Minarets feel) being our favs.  Dave kicked ass even though his guitars kept screwin up, breaking a string on one, and the other being out of tune. It would have been better if he could have ended it with a better song than So Much to Say, but then it was for MTV.  Still....Watchtower or Granny would have kicked some major ass. The venue rocked except for the ticket distribution.  About 3 hours before the show they handed out wrist bands for people to get on the floor.  If you were in the bathroom or getting something to eat for your crew, you were shit out of luck if the guy didn't come back by.  Still, the venue rocked inside, and who would have thought that 1200 people could make so much freakin noise.  Some of those teeny bopper kids got on our nerves, but it's all good because the kids have to hear some good music somewhere.  The level was hype on the floor, but I can't really speak for how it was in the balcony.  There was one part where Dave kept looking up at someone in the audience during Typical Situation, and everybody kept looking up to see who he was looking at.  Anybody got any ideas??? One final comment:  DMB is still the best live show, period.
Billy L.
The scene at JazzFest made for a great show.  It, of course, was packed, but I guess that is the way it is going to be from now own.  Seeing them here was no doubt better than some of the stadium shows that are to come.  I was waiting for others, whose memory may serve them better than mine, to review each second of every song.  Since I have not seen many, I will only include that ending the show with Halloween was the best that I have seen...and I have seen 'em all.
Allison C.
random comments: crush - love it, love it, love it.  it really nice to hear jimi thing and recently.  there weren't an awful lot of new songs played, but i liked the ones i did hear; particularly crush and stay. i'm sorry to have witnessed the return of the whole smts --> too much thing, but whatever.  for a minute it looked like the crash guitar wasn't around... but then it appeared, and so did the song.  inevitable, i guess. i just KNEW halloween was going to be played when i noticed that a guy standing near me was wearing jack o' lantern boxers - it was an omen, i tell you.  the crowd was pretty good, considering the size of it.  well, maybe except for that INSANE old drunk woman in front of me and the ass who spilled miller lite on my shirt... i mean, if you're gonna spill beer on me, please don't let it be shitty beer.
Matthew D.
After a long day at the New Orleans Jazz Fest's Ray Ban Stage, filled with uqality acts such at the Rebirth Brass Band and the Funky Meters, The Dave Matthews Band took the stage and put on a high energy, 1:40 set. Dave came out jumping all around the stage, commenting on everything from New Orleans Seafood to Pot smoking in the audience. Two Step was the opener, and it set the celebratory mood for the show. After a solid intro, the Band kicked into its dark verses and climaxing chorus during Two Step. All in all, a good start to a great show. They followed that tune with Jimi Thing, which had the usual marathon summer '97 jam in it. The yreally sounded tight and in full swing for the show. Then the debuted the Floyd-esque Crush, which received a warm welcome from the packed crowd. After a lengthy jam, they broke into two DMB concert staples - So Much To Say and Too Much, connected by Anyone Seen The Bridge. A very solid jam, although it is one which was overplayed on the last tour. Recently was wonderful, with the happy, groovin' jam in the middle forcing the audience to get involved. Typical Situation was very solid, perhaps the best I've ever heard out of 20 shows. Carter really sounded exceptionally good on this tune. they closed the set with the 1st single off BTCS, DDTW, and another concert staple, Trippin' Billies, which was definitely the best I've ever seen them play that tune. The encore went from OK to simply phenomenal. Crash was Crash, but they ended the show with a powerful rendition of Halloween with some amazing vocals, which left everyone with their mouths hanging wide open. All in all, a very solid performance by the Dave Matthews Band.