Dave Matthews Band
Jazz & Heritage Festival, New Orleans, Louisiana
Graph of songs performed, by album
Opening Bands: Various
Two Step
Jimi Thing
So Much To Say (Anyone Seen the Bridge) -->
Too Much
Typical Situation
Don't Drink The Water
Tripping Billies
Crash Into Me (Dixie Chicken)

Bryan B.
Sure, it was only an hour and a half set, but the boys put on a hell of a show.  Dave came on stage jumpin' around, he was pumped.  Stefan does indeed have green hair... pretty funky.  Leroi has lost more weight and is looking like a bad ass with his new hairdo and earring.  Now, about the show...  Two step was awesome, they really built it up, but cut the ending kinda short.  Jimi Thing was bad ass!  They did a nice long jam on the end.  Recently was great as usual with the "Happy Jam" in the middle.  Crush - a great new song, Dave got really into it and was dancing like crazy.  Then there was the SMTS>ASTB?>TM progression.  Really cool, but on ASTB Dave didn't the the "Little Baby Jam" part.  Just straight guitar and bass into the bridge.  Typical Situation was GREAT -- maybe the best I've heard it.  Stay - another awesome new one, really soars at the end, Dave was going crazy again.  Tripping Billies...  ahhhh overplayed!  Still great, got REALLY loud at the end.  Made my head spin...  or was that the beer?  Who knows.  Crash Into Me --  they brought out the orange electric guitar, I was yelling out that it was coming up to impress all the honies.  It didn't really work.  They played it full length, not that cheesy shortened version they sometimes do.  Halloween  ---  Oh my god, what a song!  In all my DMB shows I had never heard it.  Dave mumbled something like "This song is also about love, it's a little different though..."  Then they started playing it... I almost wet myself!  The new opera voice part on the end is really cool, and Dave added some extra screams at the end too.   The band never plugged the new album which was cool.  It was an awesome show!!!  A word to drunk ass poser fans -- shut up during the show so I can hear, this guy kept yelling out to see if someone would give him a beer.  I wanted to kill him but restrained myself.  All in all another incredible DMB show!