Dave Matthews Band
Victory Stadium, Roanoke, Virginia
Graph of songs performed, by album
Opening Band: Robert Bradley's Blackwater Surprise; Bruce Hornsby
Jimi Thing
Pantala Naga Pampa -->
Two Step
Crush (Miss You)
Lie In Our Graves
The Stone
The Last Stop
Typical Situation
Too Much
Don't Drink The Water
Tripping Billies
Crash Into Me (Dixie Chicken)
So Much To Say

Jeanne M.
I just got back from the Roanoke show. It was a great show for the most part, it had it's ups and downs, but all-in-all it was good. Not the best, definitely not the worst, but certainly a great show.


It was great meeting Waldo and a few other Nancies. I didn't get to meet the Nancie core, if you will. I carried around a sign that said NANCIES on it, but only a couple people noticed. TO PAT DOBS - Sorry I couldn't find you, we didn't get to the stadium till 11:00 and there was no way we could have found you in all the lines. My deepest apologies. Now for the rest of the review.

Jimi Thing was incredible! One of the best versions I've heard. It lasted 30 minutes I'm guessing - and Dave did some stuff that he's never done before. Jimi totally set a great mood for the show. Boyd was incredible on this one. Although Satellite was played next, it was a pretty good version. Dave actually differed from the album on this one and added some new stuff. Rapunzel is awesome! It's got a funky-rhythmic beat that's very catchy. It started off kind-of off beat with no one really sinked in together, but once it got started, the band just went off with it. It's got some great lyrics and jam possibilities. It's an upbeat Tripping Billies type song, but better. Great to dance to. Stay is a ballad. I can't really remember much of it since it was the first time i herad it, but it sounded pretty good. Two Step was descent, nothing spectacular, no great jams. Crush is beautiful. Definitely another I'll Back You Up. Beautiful, beautiful song. It's also great cause Dave has some oppurtunity's to jam with it, even though it's a love song. Boyd was all over LIOG. Boyd was all over everything actually. Throughout most of the jams, it was Dave and Boyd. Boyd's got some long dreads now that fly all over, pretty cool. I can't really comment on the Stone or The Last Stop cause I haven't heard enough of them. Typical Situation had a good intro and some new rhythms, with a great jam in the middle. The only dissapointment was that Dave didn't do the yell-really-loud-in-the-middle-like-on-the-Red-Rocks-cd thing. Pig is a happy song. Dave did a good version of Too Much, changing the "I want too much" line to "I smoke too much." DDTW was excellent, but if i remember - very much like the radio version. Dave put on an electric guitar for Crash. He also did the "Dixie Chicken" line at the end. Kind-of a disappointment to have SMTS as the last song, nothing extraordinary.


1. Stefan. It was a surprise to see Stefan in the spotlight at this show. He was jamming with Dave a bunch in the middle and the end. He sort of brought himself out of the shadows. Leroi was also superb in this show, staying on stage nearly the entire time. Carter rocked, as always.

2. Boyd. Boyd dominated.

3. Dave's energy. Dave was in an incredible mood. I think he was too happy - if you know what I'm saying. He said some pretty messed up stuff and did all these little impressions. One really cool thing that he did was during LIOG. There were a plane flying around the stadium that said "New DMB in stores 4-28." (It was one of those message planes.) During LIOG, Dave started singing "Look at the plane." He he he he. The Davespeaks were great, although short. I loved the voices.

4. Jams. There were some incredible jams at this show. Especially during Jimi, LIOG, and Repunzel. The 30 minute Jimi was definitely a highlight.

Now for the NEGATIVES of the show: 1. Roanoke sucks. There was no on-site parking, so everyone had to take a shuttle to and from the stadium. This led to two problems: 1. The people waiting in line to get on the shuttle first got shafted becuase the shuttles picked up the people in the middle of the line first. 2. After the show got out, it took us two hours to catch a shuttle cause of all the people. Two freaking hours! The Stadium was also not big enough on the outside to accomodate all the needed vendors and bathrooms.

2. The crowd sucked. It was like Hampton all over again, except worse. There was all the crowd surfing, which - by the way - started during the first opening band. There was the pushing. But what was really annoying was that there were vendors right on the outside of the lawn, so people would always be coming out of or coming into the middle. That got sooo annoying. There were always people pushing to get out, then pushing to get back in, and they'd steal your space. On top of that, people started throwing full bottles of coke into the crowd, which drenched and hit some of the crowd. Not cool.

3. There were two openers. After standing in the rain from 11:00 till 2:00, there were two openers. Meaning DMB didn't come on until 4:30. That's 5 and 1/2 hours of standing in the cold rain.

4. The song length. Jimi Thing was incredible, 30 minutes - a great jam. I was so excited because i thought that all the songs were going to be like that. But then when Jimi was followed by a 5 minute satellite, it kinda screwed that up. Most of the songs were in-between 8-10 minutes, which was great. But as the show went on, the songs got shorter. The two encore songs were only about 5 minutes each.

6. Where'd the old songs go? NO old songs, unless you count SMTS. No Granny, no True Reflections, only released or to-be-released stuff.

The show started out incredibly bad because of all the rain and the crowd. But when Dave played that first chord of Jimi Thing, it was all worth it. No Ants or AATW was surprising, I'm not sure whether that's good or bad. It was surprising that Bruce didn't join Dave onstage. That was dissapointing. Another cool thing was the crowd diversity. There were a lot more 30-40 year olds there, with all their kids. There were also more people of African American descent (to be PC). That was cool. A lot more weirdo's too, slayer freaks and blue-mohawked hair people. There were also a bunch of hippies - way way cool, coming from a wannabe-hippie. The DMB - Abercrombie and Fitch correlation was prevalent.Like half the crowd was wearing A&F stuff. Weird. Well, that's all I've got to say about that.
Todd D.
Jimi:  Wow... never thought this would start it all off!  Great though... nice long jam to it Satellite:  A Nice return to the setlist... missed it last year Stay:  Leroi is awesome on this... a bit choppy Two Step:  No explanation needed here Crush:  YES YES YES YES YES YES... Probably my favorite off the new album so far Lie In Our Graves:  Uh Huh... good as always The Stone... Kind of a Two-Steppish song... "Wondering if you could be my heaven?"  something like that The Last Stop.. it was a bit loud... a little bit like Minarets... or like Aerosmith's India Song Typical Situation:  Great... wasn't expecting it, but there it was Pig...  Oh yeah... it's great... Too Much... well I though this would have been deleted, but here it was I used for a bathroom break... sorry Dave... TOO MUCH BEER!!! Don't Drink The Water:  Finally, I hear the Weight of the World/ Leave Me Praying/DDTW I've been longing.. it was great! TRIPPING BILLIES:  I don't gotta say a damn word about this one except: YEAH!!! ENCORES: Crash Into Me:   Did you ever think this would be an encore?? Dave played an electric guitar on this one!! So Much To Say:  Hey at least I knew Too Much wouldn't follow it! THAT'S IT.... NO ANTS, NO NANCIES, NO 41... but a great show... Robert Bradley, and Bruce were awesome!!!
Daniel R.
This show was weird! It is my 6th live show, and I have about 70 live shows, but this was maybe the strangest as far as setlist and dave's guitar go. Before DMB came on, me and my bud David saw an electric guitar onstage. First thought: Timmy. We were pumped, but then they took the guitar offstage, and we didn't see it for a while. The crowd, as reported, sucked! On girl next to me passed out and her eyes rolled back in her head, and her friends caried her out. Crowdsurfing jock frat boys everywhere. Now for the set: Jimi: Hell yeah! WoW! I always love this song, and what a way to kick off the tour! Boyd messed up on his first solo-he was off a few times last night, but, hey, it was the first show. Roi and Carter!! I love them! Roi's solo was amazing, and then dave did his thing at the end. Satellite: OK, Dave went into the second chorus the first time around, and almost screwed up the other guys, but they caught on and it was a good recovery. Rapunzel: YES! Tight, and the time signatures were jumping around, and it was nuts! Great song, with one verse being "What Will Become of Me?" I almost peed my pants when I heard this song-amazing! Stay: "Gonna make you wanna...Stay!" This was a huge jam at the end with roi and dave going off. Again, I am so psyched for these new tunes-they are so nice! 2Step: Nice version. Stefan has given up the 6-string bass for a 5-string, no more high string with the 6. He was using it a lot-no 6 at all. Celebrate we did. Crush: Nice mellow tune, with a cool boyd break in the middle. Very jazzy feel with this one-groovable. LIOG: The longest one i've heard w/o bela. Boyd soloes for a really long time, then dave sang a little, then carter went off in the middle part. About 14 minutes, I'm guessing-it was fat! Stone: I don't really remember this one, b/c I was trying to help the passing out girl next to me. I seem to remember some dave wailing like mad at the end. The Last Stop: Nice middle-eastern touch. I really liked this one-it had an alternating verse from 4:4 to 6:4 every time. very cool. Typical: Good tune. Roi had a good flute solo. Pig: "Don't Burn the....Day....Away"Same guitar part as the old version, lots of new words. I dig it. Too Much: Solid version with smoke too much! DDTW: Cool to hear the new version live. It was a little repetative, but had a great build up and great emotion from dave. Stefan rocked! Billies: Boyd time! The final solo was longer than usual with carter kicking the double bass like a madman! I like this as a closer. Crash: So they bring out the electric guitar, put it onstage, and it looks like trey anastasio's guitar! I'm thinking: No way! And I was right. Dave picked it up and played Crash! ?. I think it was due to his hand problem, b/c crash is a tough one on dave's hand. It just didn't sound or look right. SMTS: What? I was so confused. I thought maybe they wold play a whole second set, or at least do the little baby jam into halloween or ants or watchtower. I did not like this as a closer. Dave let the crowd finish the lyrics, which was cool, but this just doesn't work as a closer. Overall: I love the new songs! DDTW is definitely my least favorite, which is a good sign! Tight! I wasn't too dissapointed not to hear old tunes, but I needed halloween! No ants was refreshing. The overall experience was all good, though. It's going to be a great tour!
Shawn B.
I thoroughly enjoyed the show.  Of course, parking & the shuttle thing sucked but I had a good time.  Before I get to the highlights of the show, I would like to comment on a few things that some other fans have said concerning the show.  First, crowd surfing and pushing is going to happen at most DMB shows where it is general admission.  Second, for those of you who whined because Ants, #41, and some older songs were not played, what did you expect?  With the new album coming out, they were bound to play most of it and they did.  This left DMB with no choice but to cut out some songs that have been continuously played for many shows. My point is to have some diversity.  So what if they don't play Ants at every show.  DMB's webpage said to expect some changes in the setlist. Third, there were several fans who moaned because the crowd wasn't into it.  Two things contributed to that:  1) New songs were played and 2) Many fans were running on empty after waiting for so long to enter the stadium and for DMB to come on stage.  Many fans were tired but there were many who loved every minute of it, such as myself. Jimi Thing blew my mind!  It was great!  Dave said at one point during the show that they were working out some kinks but nothing was wrong with the way Jimi was played.  It was cool to hear Satellite after it's hiatus (except for 10/19/97-Bridge Benefit Show).  Rapunzel was good but Stay, in my opinion, was really good.  Why, because after you hear the version of Stay on the album, most fans would choose to hear the yesterday's live version over the album's version where there are so many back-up singers. I'm sorry but I just can't get into the album version (I was albe to get an early copy of the album).  Two Step got the crowd back into a frenzy; it seemed like this was the crowd pleaser along with Billies.  Listening to Crush reminds me of Say Goodbye.  The "theme" of the two are nearly alike.  Although, I'm not the biggest fan of LIOG, DMB was on top of it. They jammed here.  Having the luxury of listening to the new album before the show, The Stone and The Last Stop were good.  Not knowing the words yet didn't bother me because both songs have a cool beat to them.  The Last Stop is alot like Minarets.  It surprised me to hear one of my favs, Typical Situation, even though Leroi was a bit off in it.  The new version of Pig is cool.  It is definitely more upbeat than Don't Burn The Pig.  Too Much got the crowd into the mood again which led into Don't Drink The Water.  Billies was a good closer.  The wait for the encore was worth it.  I liked it so much because it was surprising-no Ants Marching.  Dave played Crash on an electric guitar and the crowd sang along.  SMTS was a shocking closer. All in all, it was worth the 5 hour trip that I made even if the traffic and the parking sucked.  Although, this wasn't the best DMB show that I've been to, it was good to see them again.
Kirk W.
Of course, some random Davespeak (in abundance), something about receiving his first bra on stage (although it seemed that many girls were missing them, so I don't know how he only received one ;), and much more.  Anyway, on to some comments to about the night. Jimi and Satellite were nice tunes to begin the show.  I hadn't heard Satellite in concert since '95 and I don't think it was really played last summer so it was nice to hear that again. Rapunzel I hadn't heard but soon discovered that this song is the evolution of the outro formerly known as What Will Become of Me.  The first verse is the same as WWBOM, but then the rest of the song is very different.  (Dave introduced the titles to all of the new songs, except for The Last Stop, but that was said in the song, so it wasn't hard to figure out the title.) Crush has got to be my favorite new song on the CD (so far at least).  They played that one with so much energy and it's just got a great jazzy vibe to it. LIOG had the normal jammy type of feel to it.  Nothing new that i can remember, but still a good song.  After the "end" of the song, Dave talks to the crowd and then truly finishes off the song like it's normally finished in concert. Stone and The Last Stop are some more great new tunes.  The Last Stop is really cool in that Dave's singing and everyone's jamming, and then in the chorus, he say, "The Last Stop" and everyone stops playing, and it gets quite for a few seconds.  Then they pick back up where they left off, and jam again.  Pretty cool. Typical, Pig, Too Much: Nothing really spectacular about these.  Typical was nice and jammed out.  Nice to hear that they've gotten away from the SMTS-->ASTB?-->Too Much now. DDTW: It's now the new radio song.  It was the only new song that got a reaction from the crowd.  Not like CIM or Too Much, but it's still new. Billies: He forgot nearly the entire second verse.  He just started humming and making noises.  It was pretty funny and you could tell (although I couldn't see) that the rest of the band was probably laughing their collective asses off. CIM & SMTS Encore: I'd personally rather hear Halloween or Watchtower, or Ants, even, but I guess it was a given that CIM would be played. Neither was spectacular although I was glad that they brought back the Dixie Chicken Outro for CIM, and the new thing at the end of SMTS where the crowd sings the last verse ("Open up my head and let me out...little baby!") a la Ants Marching. Well, i'm thinking that Dave wasn't too sure about what he wanted to play because several times (between songs) I distinctly heard the first chords of certain songs, but then he stopped and fiddled around some more.  Examples of this included (but were not limited to) Watchtower, Proudest Monkey and Let You Down.  Oh well, it was kinda funny.  (Just so you know, he didn't play that thing at the end of Pig. It's an album thing and not an actual part of the song.) I wasn't too bothered by the crowd like others were.  It was to be expected and I stayed away from the front where all the craziness was occuring.  I was a little dissappointed to see that there were so many people that were jsut so trashed that they couldn't have had fun at the show, but that's their $30 loss and not mine.  There was a little MTV Dance Party  type thing going on behind the board.  Pretty funny.  Speaking of MTV, Dave mentioned on one occasion that he was glad that everyone was out here partying with them on this rainy day, instead of sitting at home watching whatever crap MTV is showing.  I thought that was pretty funny. All in all, I thought it was a good show.  Nice to see the boys again after such a long hiatus and they were definitely nervous after such a long break, as Dave proved by forgetting some of the lyrics, and that they just fiddled around with some songs before actually choosing what they wanted to play.
Christopher W.
Although I am one of the biggest Dave Matthews Band fans in the world, this show was one of the greatest disappointments of my life.  Dave and the boys have done the one unforgivable thing and forgotten their fans.  They used to have a connection with their fans--a mutual understanding about what could be expected at one of their concerts.  Now, however, they charge an inflated $30 for general admission tickets in a venue with no security. The number of idiots in the crowd was unparalleled at any concert that I have ever been to (a substantial number of around 50).  People in the pit of mud in front of the stage were literally body on body--so close together that even the incredibly stupid practice of crowd surfing couldn't go on, due to the fact that nobody could get their hands above their heads even to clap.  The one thing that people were able to raise their hands for, however, was to smoke pot, as clouds of its smoke enveloped the stadium. At one point, I turned around to see a drunken, stoned guy in his early twenties peeing three inches from my leg--while Bruce Hornsby was on stage playing.  I hope that Virginia charities enjoy the contribution from the show more than I enjoyed the concert.  Given the lack of staff that was hired to control the wild crowd and the fact that it couldn't have cost a great deal to rent the well-placed (note the sarcasm here) Victory Stadium, the proceeds must have been incredible. Good luck for the rest of the tour Dave and friends, if word travels as quickly as it should you're going to need it.
Dave S.
First off, if people think traffic for that was bad, evidently they've never been to a real city.  If you ask me, I've seen daily jams in new york, or even for the DMB show in Saratoga last summer, that were worse. The standard stage setup.  I hope they'll get like big screens and stuff (or at least cooler stuff) for the big stadium shows.  Robert Bradley's Blackwater Surprise started at 2:00pm.  Bruce Hornsby played from 3:15-4:30. IT RAINED LIKE A MOFO.  DMB didn't go on until after it all stopped (it looked like they were relaying messages to the stage for Hornsby to just keep going till it let up and dried out a bit).  The field was pretty muddy, at least down in front. OH MAN WAS THIS THE BEST SHOW EVER!!! Okay, well, maybe not.  But in terms of the bands performance, it ranks among the best of any of the 20 shows I either saw in person or have on tape (yeah, i know its not alot compared to some of you, but give me a break). God, they all were so psyched to be touring again, you could tell. Dave kept on talking to the audience and doing wierd shit, even more than usual (at least lately).  Best was when some girl threw her bra up on stage.  He picks it up, tosses it to the roadie "(some name), our roadie, he collects those.  he has a whole... mosaic of them at home. two of them.  actually, i don't know what the fuck i'm talking about. that's the first bra i've ever got on stage." Stefan was totally groovin and givin out mad signs and props to the audience.  Boyd, Leroi, and Carter did their usual thing.  And might I say boyd has a stylin' new Zeta electric violin (kinda tan colored).  Oh yeah, and just for all you bassists out there... I don't care what the equiptment list says, that's a FIVE string dolphin that steffan takes out for the low stuff, not a 6-string "thumb dolphin" (thumbs go up to six, dolphins only to five.  there is no combo).  And damn, did he break that out for almost all the new songs!  Made 'em nice and low and grinding.  Very funky. DAVE USED DISTORTION AND EFFECTS ON HIS GUITAR, AND PLAYED A NEW, ELECTRIC GUITAR DURING THE ENCORE OF "CRASH INTO ME".  Cool stuff, worked well. THE NEW SONGS?  He played alot!  This was the setlist! (with my commentary) Jimi Thing-good, but not spectacular.  Nice opener. (note: it was only 13 minutes, not 30) Satellite-Nothin' unusual again... Rapunzel-NEW SONG!!! And not too hot.  Some good parts, tho, in the darker, minor key middle sections (unless i'm confusing this with Stay, which is entirely possible). Stay-NEW SONG!!! Kinda cheesy also.  But better than Rapunzel.  I can see this one being another big top 40 hit (unfortunately?) Two Step-Ooh baby!  They kicked it like they rarely have before on this one!  They did just about everything they could do with this song... Jammed fast, jammed slow, went wild, built up slowly... most impressive, overall.  Ranks right up there with the 20-minute SPAC version with Bela... almost, but not quite. Crush-NEW SONG!!! If you have not heard this, you have no idea what you're missing!  This song could make GUYS want to bear Dave's kids! Just an incredible piece of songwriting.  As as a bass player, i love the fact that steffan kinda starts and anchors the whole thing.  I was wondering how they'd do the jam at the end without Tim, and it ran kind of short, but it sounded like they were workin some good stuff on that. Lie In Our Graves-It was soooo sweet when the audience started clapping and they went and extended it to jam with us (right before the clapping started, it looked like dave was signalling carter for the change). Nothing out of the ordinary, but very nice.  They seemed to be having real fun playing.  Actually, they did the whole show through, but the look on their faces at the end of this was priceless. (note: while dave mumbled some stuff, it was not identifiable as "look at the plane"... which had an ad for a local radio station, not the new album.) The Stone-NEW SONG, AND OH BABY DOES IT KICK ASS!!!  Kinda reminded me of "Warehouse" at first, but quickly became much more funky and complex.  I think i'm a-gonna like this one. The Last Stop-NEW SONG, AND OH BABY, IT KICKS THE BOOTY BUT GOOD!!! Yes, as per rumors, it is kind of "middle-eastern flavored" like Minarets.  But again, darker and funkier than most of their previous stuff. I think they played that "Pampa Nagla whatever..." thing at the end, 'cause it seemed to change to a different, short mini-song at the end that sounded like a welcoming type of thing. Typical Situation-beautiful, beautiful, beautiful.  excellent jam on the end, unlike anything they've done on it before.  Not entirely, but they took that old stop-start thing and really went off on it for a while. Damn, it looked like they were having fun! Pig-NEW SONG!!! And not great... on a 1-10, i give it a 6.5.  For some reason "Don't burn the day" just didn't sound as natural as the orginal. Too Much-Excellente! "I smoke to much..."  The crowd down in front (where i was) cheers. Don't Drink The Water-NEW SONG!!!  This was very cool live, especially at the end. Tripping Billies-Incredible, but isn't it always? ENCORE: Crash Into Me-Dave used a hollow-body electric guitar.  Fucked up the words alot and mumbled...  Intentionally to piss off the teenyboppers? So Much To Say-Kinda weak for a finale, but it was cool when dave stepped back for a sec to see how well the audience was singing along. he cracked up. Okay, a final note on the audience... yeah, they sucked.  Alot of old people and hillbillies who seemed like "ah don't have nothin' better to do on saturday..."  But also alot of college students, and high school kids going to their first concert and stuff. There were good pockets and bad pockets, but on the whole the audience just really seemed to lack energy.  On the plus side, by the time DMB went on, no one was really rowdy (like at SPAC, for any of you who remember the horror stories from that), but as a group the crowd didn't really get into it.  Not alot of singing along and dancing.   But to be fair, remember, alot of us had been waiting out there in the rain and cold for up to 5 hours...  That's enough to drain anyone's enthusiasm.
Maryann D.
The band was incredible -- but the venue sucked.  I shouldn't have to convince myself that the virtuostic music was worth all the hassle everyone went through getting to and from the stadium. The problem was that there was no on-site parking.  There were various off-site parking areas within Roanoke, and from there we could catch a shuttle bus to the stadium.  The journey to the stadium went smoothly, but that was only because all 30,000+ of us were arriving at different times. The mass exodus to catch the shuttle back to our cars was another story.  Imagine that many people leaving at the same time, through one exit.  Imagine that many grumpy, cold, tired and/or drunk people leaving at the same time, through one exit. For 15 minutes we couldn't move.  It took us almost an hour to get to the shuttle bus area.  Another hour to catch a shuttle bus.  There simply wasn't enough shuttles to bus that many people out at one time. During the long wait we chatted with a police officer who said that the stadium was very old and wasn't built to hold that many people.  He then joked that he was surprised it didn't collapse under all of the weight.  We didn't think he was very funny. Anarchy ruled when it came time to get on a bus. Roanoke police offered no help in crowd control.  If a bus stopped in front of where you were standing, good luck, because everyone's "out for oneself" mentality meant "trample over her ass, I just want to get home!"  Fights broke out, words were exchanged between bus drivers and immature frat boys, and all around I heard mumblings of "never again will I come here for a concert" or "I'm going to write the Roanoke paper a letter" or pleas to cops to  "put me in jail, I'll get home faster!" Maybe we weren't assertive enough or strong enough -- hell, maybe we were simply more polite than others -- but my girlfriends and I were one of the last people left at the stadium, 2 hours after Dave finished SMTS.  I looked around at all the people on our bus.  No one spoke.  Everyone was either too tired, disgruntled, or pissed off to say anything.  That's no way to end a concert, especially a Dave Matthews concert. Roanoke was too small a city to handle that many concert-goers.  Not only was the city ill-equipped when it came to the number of buses, but the Roanoke police didn't seem to care that at any moment something dangerous could happen.  This may show my age and paranoia, but one time I thought that a stampede would ensue.  I guess the city really didn't care.... they got their money. Forgive all my preaching.  Maybe I shouldn't judge -- I'll be the first to admit I don't have any idea as to what extent the city and Dave's crew talk about a concert logistics.  All I know is that everyone's long faces shouldn't be an indicator of the music heard.
Kaity C.
Maybe I attended a different show than the rest of you who dubbed this chaos "the best Dave performance ever."  The problems with crowd control have been noted, but I think they deserve yet another reiteration.  I was in the front, about three people deep.  To say it was crowded is the understatement of the tour.  It was so packed that at one point, I picked my feet up off the ground and was still hanging in the air.  Maybe it's because I'm rather short, but I couldn't even hear the music. I must disagree that all general admission concerts are this way.  These were 30,000 of the most hard-core Dave Matthews Band fans in the country packed into a stadium built to hold 18,000. We were turned loose with absolutely no limitations.  Did they think that people would just be courteous and follow the rules?  "Sure, you get closer, you look like a bigger Dave fan than me."  It was total anarchy and chaos.  They are extremely fortunate that there was nobody seriously injured. I doubt anyone agrees with me, but I was incredibly disappointed in the setlist.  I realize the band is promoting their new album and I couldn't expect to hear all old stuff, but jeez...the new album isn't even available yet.  Crash Into Me and SMTS as the encore?  Can you say say sell-out?  No Nancies, no Watchtower, no BOWA, no Lover Lay Down, and even, God forbid, no Ants (not that the absence of Ants bothered me, but...).  I do give mad props to 2Step and Jimi Thing, the band really got into it and Dave actually jammed for a while.  Some of the new stuff even sounded really good, especially Stay and Pig. I can't comment on anything from Lie In Our Graves on for a few songs.  I was removing myself from the front to sit in the stands.  I was not paying the extortionist fee of $30 to fight with people when I couldn't even hear the music.  The stands didn't have the excitement and crowd that the field did, but hey, at least I could breathe and hear the music. I concur that the shuttle service and the location of the venue in short, sucked.  To make a disappointing experience even worse, I walked two miles back to my car.  The sad thing was that I got there before the first shuttles did.
Andrew L.
There seems to be a lot of debate over this show, somehow I think it has gotten all out of perspective.  The show was good, the mix of old and new was pretty good-- 7 from BTCS, 6 Crash, 3 UTTAD-- I think the only reason for the Crash, So Much encore was that all the Crash fans were kind of confused (and/or blitzed).  The boys wanted to do SOMETHING so that people would at least feel familiar with the set.  Songs like Last Stop and Stone kind of distanced those that are not die-hard DMB afficianados (sp?).  For those who were dissappointed with this- think of it this way-- -This show was the first time 5 songs were played live! -Jimi Thing opener -return of Satellite (its good to hear after the hiatus) -a variation from SMTS-->2Much (which may promise more set changes!) -PLUS, the most important, the band was having a ball!!! How many times did Dave look all amazed after Carter just did something awesome! Davespeaks:  "This girl's got a sign here with a bunch of bras on it. says "Its fucking hot, but not too hot to fuck" its not me I'm just reading. didn't want to offend anyone." "its cold outside gotta wear your turtlenecks, even if you look like a 70's soap opera..." Bottom line, this show will become a classic.  So much fun.  Thanks to all those I met behind the board, and it was nice to see Oz and Hoeffer.
David M.
Man where to start.  I just want to agree with everyone on how poorly the concert was organized(Roanoke sucks) and at times the crowd left a little to be desired.  But that is enough negativity.  This was not their best show yet it was not their worst either.  People around me at the show and other people that I already knew complained that they played too much new stuff and not enough of the old.  Granted I was upset that they didn't play warehouse I understand that they have a new album coming out and what better time to play new songs that at the first show on the tour. Jimi Thing:  Man never did I imagine they would open with this song.  It definately set the mood for the rest of the evening and the song itself seemed to last forever.  The jam in the middle was incredible. Satelllite:  Not particularly on of my favorites but it seemed to be a good reminder of songs past. Rapunzel:  What can I say about this song.  It just ROCKS.  Up beat tempo and the parts muscially just jumped all around. Stay:  Just another great ballad from the DMB.  The possiblities for different jams to this song are limitless. Two Step:  This was the song I hoped they would open with but it placement was still incredible.  This is just one of those songs that makes everything good now matter had bad they are going at the time. Crush:  The jazz influence really broke out in this one.  It just kind of takes you back and makes you think it doesn't get much better than this. LIOG:  PHAT.  It was so incredible.  This was by far the best version of the song they have played without Bela.  Honestly I somewhat expected either Bela or Tim to be there to add to the greatness but the song still rocked anyway. Stone/Last Stop:  both of these songs were cool.  the jamming was great and Dave seemed to take a whole new tone with these Typical Situation:  LeRoi's flute solo was incredible. My only regret during this song was not being able to see LeRoi because of poorly placed boxes on the stage. Pig:  A great older tune renamed, reworked and a lot more lyrics added to it Too Much:  Decent version nothing really spectacular though. DDTW:  This was all Stefan.  I remember the first time I heard this song on the radio and all I could think about was how dominant the bass was.  Stefan is definately stepping to the forefront. Tripping Billies:  This version was probably one of the best I have heard and Carter went crazy with the double bass.  Not what I expected them to close with but it was still incredible. Crash:  When Dave picked up the electric guitar I wasn't sure what to expect.  This wasn't a song I would have thought they would consider for part of the encore but it sounded awesome.  The use of the electric guitar just added a new dimension to the song SMTS:  This had to be the biggest shock of the concert.  When he started playing it I thought for sure they would play for another hour and hit a lot of the older songs.  Letting the crowd finish the lyrics at the end was a nice touch but the song to me was a disappointment.  In my opinion this song shouldn't be used to finish an encore.  Hey but what can you do. Wrap Up:  All in all the show was great.  The new songs were incredible.  No Ants, or Watchtower was a nice break but I kind of wanted to hear #41, Warehouse , or Lover Lay Down but again I say what can you do.  Even though the guys started off a little shakey they just seemed to get tighter, and tighter as the show progressed.  As tight as they were at this show I can't wait til later in the tour after they have been playing for awhile things will be so tight then.  The greatest thing about the show to me was the emergence of Stefan.  His jams with Dave and the dominance of his bass were amamzing.  The experience was a great one and I can't wait til later on in the tour when I catch more shows.  This was definitely some COOL SHITAH.
Mike H.
Well, this show had the makings to be one of the best Dave shows ever.  First real show in a long time, releasing a new album, a hometown Virginia site.  Unfortunately, it didn't live up to it's billing, at all.  Yes the weather was bad, but i have been to some great shows in the rain.  I know peopled complained about the parking, but that could have just been a minor inconvience if there was a good show.  The problem was the crowd and the setlist.  My friends and I worked our way pretty far up to hear Hornsby play.  He was really great even though there were alot of asshole people in the crowd yelling at him to get off the stage so that they could hear dave.  the crowd surfing thing was a real problem.  Too many drunk frat boys.  Save that stuff for Lallapalooza.  Anyway, when Dave and the band came on things started out so promising.  Jimi Thing surprised everyone and they really jammed it out.  unfortunately, it was down hill from there.  I was really excited to hear the songs from the new disc.  I was espespecially looking forward to hearing Halloween for the first time.  No dice.  Though Dave played lots of the new songs, and played them very well, he didn't do a good job of countering those new jams with the solid concert songs that made him so popular.  Where to begin listing all the songs that were left out.  No nancies, no warehouse, no #41, no #36, no seek up, no BOWA, no say goodbye, no watchtower, and NO ANTS!!!  I could not believe it.  The one constant in every show, the one jam that everyone knows and loves, the one song that could have saved this concert.  Instead, we get tripping billies followed up by crash and SMTS.  You have got to be kidding me.  This show was played in Virginia wasn't it?  We weren't in Iowa or Wisconsin or someplace where the fans only know what they hear on the radio were we?  The band is playing to a sold out stadium in his home state with a Bruce Hornsby back stage and all that they come up with for an encore is Crash and SMTS.  I'll tell you what.  All in all I had a pretty good time at the show (even though it was the most dissapointing Dave show I have been to).  However, if I am going to have to keep defending Dave from all the critics that say he is selling out, he is going to have to start proving to me that he's not.
Kevin B.
I was somewhat disappointed with the show in Roanoke.  It seems the setlist was more geared toward sellinbg the new album than pleasing the fans.  The sound was wonderful, and when you could stand up straight, the show wasn't all bad.  Of course, Ants would have been nice to see, simply because it was a milestone in the bands career, the reactions and crowd surfing was a little annoying, but all in all a good show.  You below, I saw you there, i was like 3 feet from you at one point! Right around 5th row in the center?!
Rebecca L.
I agree that the commute/parking/crowd control sucked.  Standing in the rain for five hours normally sucks, too, except when you're doing it to see the Dave Matthews band. I could not identify with most of the music since it is new and I have not had the opportunity to purchase the CD.  I loved the old stuff, yes even Too Much To Say.  I missed Drive In Drive Out (one of my favorites).  As a note, I was sitting off to the side near Dave's bus.  I noticed that the band members arrived fairly late, which is why I think Bruce was motioned to keep playing.  Bruce rocked by the way! Roanoke is not a city I would choose to visit again (except maybe to see Dave Matthews).  Even the police couldn't give us directions to the Civic Center (where we were parked).  Apparently, a traffic light was out somewhere in the city which caused the delay in the returning shuttle buses.  One traffic light out and the city is brought to its knees.  Pretty amazing. Anyway, I love Dave Matthews and even less than desirable circumstances can't make me disappointed that I was there.  Keep jammin', Dave.  I'll see you in Pittsburgh in June!
Ray M.
i read some other reviews of this show and i just want to point out that people complain way too much.   roanoke was a great time.  dave was great, the fans were great, and the weather wasn't that bad.  i'm tired of hearing everyone cry about how tired they were when they finally got to their cars or how muddy the stadium was.  that's just weak.  grow up.  it's a dmb concert -- get drunk or do drugs and have a good time.
Ok...I decided to camp out for the concert and arrived at about 1:30am.  There weren't too many other campers out there surprisingly.  People didn't start showing up until about 9am.  It was great, though, because I ended up being in the FRONT ROW!!  YAY!  I was so happy to have made it after beating everyone in the mad dash towards the stage.  So, it rained for the opening acts, but it wasn't too bad.  When Dave was about to take the stage, though, the crows went nuts.  Everyone decided that they wanted to push forward and I was sandwiched!  There wasn't a single inch of my entire body that wasn't touching someone else's!  A bunch of jerks who had arrived at like 2:00pm decided to cut and stand in front of me.  When I told them that I had arrived at 1:30am to get the spot, they didn't care.  But all was redeemed temporarily when DMB took the stage.  Jimi Thing was incredible, I thought!  It really drew me in.  Satellite followed it, which was disappointing to me.  There is no jamming in Satellite..not the greatest of concert songs.  They played one of the best versions of Typical Situation I've ever heard!  I was fine with Don't Drink the Water before, but seeing it in concert sold me on the song.  Crush is by far one of the best Dave Matthews songs I've heard from the new album.  I can not wait to get my hands on that thing!  But anyways, about 3/4 of the way through the concert, the crowd started to get very, very rowdy where I was up front.  There was a lot of violent pushing.  A lot of people were getting hurt and had to bail out.  The only way to do so in a lot of cases was to audience surf their way towards security in the front...right over my head every time.  That got very annoying.  I also got the wind knocked out of me several times.  It was not a very safe place to be at all, but I was stubborn and was not going to abandon my amazing spot in the crowd that I had waited for over sixteen hours!  There were people throwing bottles of pee, throwing up, and kicking up mud everywhere.  It was nasty.  After a while, the crowd calmed down again and I could enjoy the concert.  I missed out completely on about three songs because I was too worried with protecting myself from death!  But the band was great...really great.  Their energy was tremendous and all of them really shone!  I must say that if it weren't for the idiots in the crowd that ruined it for all of us, the concert would have been out of this world!
Jennifer V.
I have many thoughts on this concert.  First of all, I must say that while I do have complaints about this concert (and who doesn't) I'm still glad I went.  It was most definitely a memorable experience.  However, for the most part, I agree with the reviews submitted by Christopher White, Kaity Carroll, and Mike Hoffman.  I'm 19 and this was my first concert ever, and although at first I was more psyched about it than anything I'd ever been psyched about in my life, I left a little disappointed for several reasons: 1) the crowd I actually feel sorry for Dave and the rest of the band because it seemed that most of the people in the crowd didn't even respect or care for the music and were only there to get drunk, smoke up, crowd surf, and act like completely uncivilized idiots.  Furthermore, most people had no regard for other people's space.  I woke up at 5:45 a.m. and arrived at the stadium around 7:00 to wait in line for an up front spot only to find that by the middle of Dave's and the band's performance I had been pushed from the 7th or 8th row of people up front to the 15th row.  And the pushing on my side, the "wild" right side, was constant.  If I hadn't been on the edge of the metal railing where I could actually breathe I would have been suffocated from everyone's body heat and hot breath and drenched with other people's sweat.  So, I'm very thankful that I was on the edge, although quite a few times I could almost hear my rib cage cracking as I was pressed so hard against the metal guard rail that it seemed it would break.  It's amazing that my boobs aren't permanently compressed as well for all the squeezing they endured; I mind as well have been wearing a corset.  One other drawback to being scrunched up among the throng of bodies is that you realize what it must feel like to be fucked at both ends at the same time.  I really didn't enjoy my butt being pressed up against some stranger's groin area.  Get the idea of how tightly packed we all were?  Not to mention what precious view I had of Dave, Boyd, and Carter (I hardly ever got a glimpse of Stefan and NEVER saw Leori) was continuely blocked by bouncers/bodyguards yanking people out of the pit.  Overall [with the exception of the people who were surrounding me at first (they were very considerate  -  and then they and I were pushed away from each other)], the crowd sucked.  Just to goes to show what animals people can be and how justified Dave is if he ever mocks or totally ignores his audience. 2) the weather Although this is out of anyone's hands, it was cold, cloudly, rainy, and downright gloomy, although it thankfully stopped raining by the time Dave came onstage, and I thankfully had brought a raincoat.  Should have seen the field...very trampled and muddy...literally looked like shit. 3) the parking Fortunately, I have relatives who live in Roanoke and who advised me on where to park so I got a parking spot that was very close to the stadium  -  on a residental street right next to the hospital's parking garage...only a hop, skip, and a jump away from the venue, but for everyone else who had to park miles away, I feel for 'ya.  You've got a right to complain; the city's parking arrangements were definitely poor. 4) the setlist I love DMB, of course, and totally support them in whatever they do, but I personally would have liked to hear all new songs  -  or at least mostly new songs.  My favorites were "Crush", "Stone", and "Don't Drink the Water"; I also enjoyed hearing "Jimi Thing" and jamming to "Tripping Billies", but was very disappointed that there was no "Dancing Nancies", "Halloween", or "#41", my 1st, 2nd, and 4th favorite songs.  I also would liked to have heard "All Along the Watchtower" (although I hear Dave is bored with that one), "#36", and "Say Goodbye."  "Typical Situation" was nice as it is on my top ten fave list; there was a cool intro to it...something about a girl with a tear running down her cheek.  In short, though, I feel like Dave was gratifying the radio hits crowd instead of the true DMB fans; most everyone went nuts when "Crash Into Me" was played, I noticed.  Don't get me wrong..I like that song (and all the songs that DMB has written except "Pay For What You Get", "Proudest Monkey", and "Christmas Song"), but I would have liked to hear more of the less played, less well-known songs.  One note on "Crush"  -  AWESOME!  Very sultry and passionate.  Love it and "Stone", which was rock'in, as well as "Don't Drink the Water."  All excellent songs  -  looking forward to buying the new CD as soon as it comes out.  Wasn't able to pay much attention to "Stay", "Rapunzel", and "Pig", due to all the interference -  (being pushed, bodies being slung everywhere, people taller than me blocking my view and pissing me off, etc.)  -  and I'm not sure I like "Pig", but I'm sure everything will grow on me until I'm blown away by talent as I always am each time I listen to DMB. O.k.  Now that I'm done griping I will say that I met 2 very nice girls about my age, and I was still fortunate to at least be pretty close to the stage the entire time (although I think I deserved it for all the hours I waited in the cold with SHORTS on  -  bad call on my friend's part), as well as be on the edge so that when my view was totally blocked I could at least strain to lean over a little and get a look (although at times even that didn't help).  I also got lucky in that a photographer in the middle noticed my attempts at taking pictures with my little disposable Kodak camera and offered to take a few for me  -  very grateful to you, Mr. Photographer, for that.  Other cool stuff was the 2 Dave jumps we got to see, as well as the Davespeak, which although minimal, was, as always, hilarious.  As for the girl who had the blanket with the Dave quote on it, she was right behind me when I was waiting in line and she was also right across from me, on the left side (the "civilized" side) of the pit.  She was one of the cool people I met while at this concert, and she asked me to hold one end of the blanket while she had the other.  We did that when Dave first came on stage, but he didn't notice it.  By the second time she tried it, near the end of the concert, when Dave did notice it and read it out loud, I had been pushed too far back to hold the other end so she got someone else to do it. Oh yeah, Boyd totally messed up in one of the beginnig songs, and I noticed later that one of the strings broke, but the band still pulled through.  Also, Dave seemed to be cursing about something to Roi and Stefan after the first song, "Jimi Thing." Other highlights:  Before performing any songs Dave said they had had a little party the previous night and wished Monica and Jennifer (whoever they are) a happy birthday. Well, that's about it, and I'm still glad I went, but I think next time I'll skip the general admission thing for something more organized so I can actually enjoy the music in full without distractions and, hopefully, be able to see better.
Greg E.
I was very happy with the way Dave played in his band at roanoke. The crowd was so energy and good. He came out to Jimmy thang and i new ammediatly that we were in for some Davespeak. Crush was the only bad song of the night sounding alot like the droors. some more to say was the kickest song If there had been less security Dave could have seen how much we really like him by Dancing more for him. Bruce Hornsby was about to come out during stay which by the way was beutifull. Dave motioned him to not come on stage. Is there any other way to say job well done except by saying do good tonight. Im am so glad he played 41. it is my roomates fav
Am I the only person who thought that Robert Bradleys BS was the shit!  From the first time I saw these guys do a set on MTV, I thought they were original and jamming. The CD kicks and my first impression was only enhanced by the performance that they gave on SAT.  Screw Bruce H. They should have let RBBS play alot longer. Oh well.  This was my __ dave concert depends if you count the flood zone days and this was a preety good show.You have to expect that he was going to play a majority of new stuff.  I'm with you on wanting to hear the old jam tunes but I came expecting to hear a majority of the new stuff and therefore wasn't disappointed.  I did think the encore was pretty weak but, the rest of the show was cool.  Maybe I was just too out of it!  I was also happy with the majority of the crowd, you rag on the old people and the college frat boys but I can tell you these people atleast know how to have a good time.  It beats the hell out of a bunch of tiny-boppers running around making me feel way too old at 27.  I was curious as to why the crowd up front was so STIFF while the people in the back were jamming out and now I know why, you couldn't move.  That sucks but I guess thats the price that you pay for wanting to be up close.   I thought the venue was O.K. I never waited in a BEER line or a Bathroom line for more then a couple minutes.  The shuutle system did suck but we worked that problem out by being the first out of the stadium as soon as the lights came on. Suggestion:  come back to Richmond to start your tour, and I really hpoe that they come back during the tour otherwise Dave has sold out and forgotten those who supported him in the begginning.
Tom P.
I just wanted to say a few things to some of the DMB snobs out there.  Its all in the way you look at life.  I thought the show was great.  Granted,  I have not seen Dave in a few years ( I started seeing Dave in C-ville back at the begining), and I am not used to seeing him with more than a few hundred people at the most.  With that said, I will agree the parking must have sucked for the people who took the shuttle bus. I did not.  I parked a few blocks away and walked to the show.  It sure looked like a lot of empty spaces around to me.  No hassels, at all. (what happened peoples sense of adventure)  As far as the crowd went, I spent the show around the sound board, lots of room to dance, nothing but smiling  happy people as far as my eyes could see.  I made a really good tape to the show while I was there, an old friend of mine was working the beer garden (free beer).  The sound was pretty good and it looked like Dave and the band were having a great time (even from my vantage point). What more could you really ask for ???  The show may not have been great by standards set by people with a big chip on their shoulders, but I still think its all how you look at life in general. I had a great time and it was well worth the six hour drive, as well as the 30.00 that will go to charity. Thats what live music is all about.   Oh yea, I think I fell in love with a girl from JMU but I never got her name.  We were dancing behind the soundboard during the last few songs and her friends scuttled her off just after the show ended as I had to gather my tape equipment.   Any help out there???   Tom 7578240628
Beau K.
I would like to add some comments about the Roanoke show.  For all of you who are disparaging Roanoke, grow up.  Yes, Roanoke is a small city, the shuttle bus setup may not have been the best, but for godsake grow up.  I flew down I-581 at 11:30 and saw the traffic, drove past it, got off and parked on a city street and walked to a pickup point and got to the stadium easier than falling off the back of a hog.  As all of you have taken the time to note,  Roanoke is a small city, it is not that hard to get around, maybe you should have used your head and not followed the herd.  Yes, the cops may hae been slow to react, but you are all big boys and girls and know when to get out of bad scenes. For all of you who remarked on the fraternal aspects of the crowd.  I have one question for you, what did you expect?  DMB has always been about frat boys and make-up girls.  I will never forget going to the bathroom at perhaps the most beautiful DMB show ever (Trax 2/22/94) and seeing 10-20 UVA frat boys doing some type of shot ceremony by the pool tables.  DMB has always catered to the frat world, where do you think we saw them in the early days?  Yes, frat houses.  For those of you who did not like the setlist because it was catered to the new material, what did you expect?  The band has been working their asses off on these new tunes and you want them to play Halloween?  get real.  Yes they want to make money on this new album, yes they are commercial, but this is there job.  Anything else is a pipe dream.  Back to the show, there was little crowd energy, but we had been standing in a cold rain for five hours.  This was my first dave show in two years, before that i had seen them 20-30 times.  I found this show amusing how little things have changed.  Still the frat boys, still pseudohippies, nothing has changed.  Dave will forever have a place in my mind for the music he makes and the opening Jimi Thing only comfirmed that.  But as for you fans and frat boys, you are too much.  i don't know what is worse, you bitching people or the frat boy wallowing drunk in the mud.
Joe C.
Well it was certainly an event to remember.  I must admit that while we stood, smashed against freaky fourty year olds, listening to Blackwater Surprise and then Bruce Hornsby, I forgot momentarily who I was there to see.  It was not cool to make everyone stand in the rain like that, especially when the crowd was going through a midlife crisis over whether to be cool or complete losers.  Being losers won out bigtime.  I mean, give me a break with all of the random crowd throwing (some of you people were too heavy to surf- face the reality of your weight) the ketchup bottles, and the extreme lack of intensity. First, to the girl who kept saying, "I want to hear Madolin Rain!" and then asked her humpmate what a mandolin was- you were a true representative of the crowd's finest.  Another high was when someone shouted "Hey it's third eye blind!" when the first band came out and someone else said, "No, man, the dude IS blind!" I knew it would be a long few hours. Props to my man Stefan.  He was truly there to rock and I enjoyed finally seeing him actually surface during a concert.  "Rapunzel" was an amazing tune.  Anyone who didn't like it probably missed the lack of "commercial appeal" it had, but musically the band was hot and the song was pure genius.  When Dave sang "Stay" I forgot all about the ridiculous hospital background and my Mr. Heintz covered head.  Even the constant flying ass seemed to dissipate.  Thanks Dave. Even if DDTW sounds like a Peter Gabriel rip off I still say its a fine song.  So everyone got muddy.  And we got a little kicked around.  And the freaking TITANIC flight to the buses was a major and mad situation.  There was nothing typical about tis concert and I think we all learned a lot.  One, yes, Dave and the Band are human and don't always play with perfection.  Two, the opening bands need to be interesting and brief (Bruce, you rock, but the audience was obviously tiring of the piano stuff.  Short and Sweet for Certain- hey!).  Three, crowd surfing is not for everybody.  Sorry, but its true.  And Four, a mandolin is an instrument, baby,  and why don't you sit at home and listen to the CD next time you and your man want to get it on and light up?  Okay, and Five- there's nothing like a Dave Matthews Band concert (even if it takes place in venue hell.) 
Nick L.
Well it was my first Dave show ever and surely not my last.  We (a group of six of us) traveled from Pittsburgh down to Roanoke to see the show.  I didn't know what to expect but when Dave finally came on I was overwhelmed.  We arrived at around 10 am and waited outside until the gates opened.  When we rushed into the stadium we were 20 rows back from the stage, and I knew from that point on that it was going to be phat!  I was totally swept away by dave's 30 minute Jimi Thing it was amazing!!  Satellite ruled as usual, as the crowd sang along.  Out of the new songs he played I loved Crush and know it is going to be my favorite!  I was kinda dissappointed that they didn't play Ants Marching, but for all the people who have sat here and bitched I say: "What the hell, any song that dave plays is amazing!!!"  I'm sitting here in the computer lab at the University of Pittsburgh Jamming to Crash the Quarter!  Dave matthew cd's are the only ones i can sit down and listen to every song and not have to flip through the cd's.  I was kinda pissed with the crowd I never expected it to be that shady.  There were highschool kids everywhere!!!  I'm a Frat Boy and not once did I crowd surf you people are way to stereotypical!  The people crowdsurfing pissed me off they caused me to miss so much of the music and it was my first show.  My friend got nailed in the head by a coke bottle, but like I say, "You can sit there and beat the shit out of me with a coke bottle and as long as Dave is playing I DON"t CARE."  Now back to the highschool kid thing.  I think it was just an excuse for them to smoke pot but oh well.  Dave said some really awesome stuff and the bra thing was hilarious, but whenever he would just groan or make noises people still chaired and that ROCKS!  And to qoute dave " Tequila drinking ohh our minds were wandering to wonderous places!"--That basically sums up my view of the concert!  Oh yeah and to the 50 year old drunk lady who spilled buorbun all down my pant leg I say "Rock on Lady you kick ASS!"  p..s. Do you know where your parents are???   Hopefully getting banged up and dancing to dAvE!!!
Mark A.
After an 11 hour car trip from CT., it was one of the greatest shows I have seen. But I wanted some more classics like Recently, Spotlight, Warehouse or even Dancin Nancies....that was the only disapointment. Davespeak was in full effect, he said "It's fucking hot, but definitely not to hot to fuck" Everyone went absolutely crazy. Also bra's were flying up on stage and Stefan now has green hair..YIKES...Boyd was out of this world and Carter well, of course he rocked the house. Not what I expected but definitley a solid B+ from me......
Ryan F.
First of all I hope you frat boys and skaterpunk Matchbox 20 fans had such a terrible time at the show that you won't go again.  Maybe if you just listen to the album versions of Too Much, So much to say and Satellite and stick to your Third Eye Blind concerts you will be happy. And for you crowd surfers I think Everclear and Drew Bledsoe are coming to town.  As for the setlist, I liked the new songs but I was sorry to hear the three worst songs (mentioned above) that Dave has. 2Step and Jimi Thing were good but where were #36, #41, True Reflections, BOWA, Granny, Song that Jane Likes, or One Sweet World.
Sarah R.
I had never seen Dave Matthews in concert before, but this was one of the best concerts I've seen in a while.  We drove twenty hours from Wisconsin to see the show.  Our hotel in Roanoke was pretty cool, even cooler though was that Dave Matthews Band was staying there and we met them.  Anyway, on to the show.  I loved that they opened with Jimi Thing, including Dave's jam in the middle.  I love the new song Rapunzel, but Typical situation topped the show.  Good thing they played Crash Into Me for all the frat boys that have heard it on the radio.  As for the body surfing.  It's Dave Matthews, not Metallica.  Every time I'd get in a groove to one of the songs, I had to dodge a person coming at my head.  I had to look over my shoulder every minute to check and see if anyone was being body passed.  \ I though Robert Bradley's Blackwater Surprise was good      "I'm gonna sing a song about my hippy days back in 1969, when I was smokin' cigarettes, foreign and domestic." Bruce Hornsby is a genius.  I actually heard some kid next to me say that he sucks.  You may not like his music kid, but he doesn't suck.  I guess I was not very impressed with the crowd, But the show was excellent.  P.S.  In a crowd of 30,000, if you leave to go get a beer, you're not going to get your spot back. 
Teresa S.
First off, I want to say that my boyfriend and I and a couple of our friends along with about 50 or so others had the pleasure of hearing 2 shows. We listened Friday night as Dave and the boys did their soundcheck. Pretty much alot of the same stuff, alot of experimentation-AWESOME! We were behind the stage, feeling high and grooving to his new tunes! About the actual show--well, after camping out in line since about 6:00am in the rain, then trying to hold my place in 2nd row for two hours, It was awesome! Personally, I thought Blackwater Surprise SUCKED!!!!! Come on, there was like this 80 year old blind black dude screaming, not singing. No talent there, they need to stay in detroit. Bruce- now bruce was awesome, first time seeing him live. DMB- I can't even find the words to describe them, but I'll try anyway: AWESOME, AWESOME, AWESOME! They looked great, energetic and happy to be touring again. For all of you bitching about not playing their old songs-get over it! They were playing to sell their new CD and I thought their selection of old stuff they did play was great! (except for the lame encore) But Jimi, 2step, LIOG, Billies, Too Much and Typical--I mean, come on, those are definatly Awesome Jamming song, however, Satellite could have been left out and replaced with HALLOWEEN! :) New Stuff: Pantala Naga Pampa (what will become of me)-Nice! Rapunzel-I loved It, nice, upbeat song. Cool jams, Dave looked liked he enjoyed singing it. Stay-I love the Live version, not too fond of the CD version Crush- Oh man, AWESOME. has a nice jazz funk, all in all a cool grooving tune, nice ! Stone-Boyd, Boyd, Boyd! very passionate song. Another Warehouse??? Last Stop-I really like this one, nice Mid-eastern sound Pig-wishing it was more like "don't burn the Pig" as far as lyrics, but still a nice groovy beat I also would like to add that I had the opportunity to hear Dreaming tree during the soundcheck! Got to give 'em props for that one! Looking forward to seeing them in Cincinnati!