Roseland Ballroom, New York City, New York
Graph of songs performed, by album
Hello Again
One Sweet World
Too Much
You Might Die Trying
Where Are You Going?
American Baby
Louisiana Bayou
Jimi Thing
Dream Girl
Hunger For The Great Light
Two Step
Ants Marching
Steady As We Go
All Along The Watchtower
Launch party for Stand Up.

Parker T.
Couldn't wait to the fellas in a venue such as the Roseland Ballroom, intimate and fun. I was at that Blues Traveler's show that famous evening Dave was there. The new songs were tight. The open of Hello Again set the stage for what I had hope was going to be a sick show. The country feel with the passion that is DMB is an incredible combination. OSW, nice to mix in this classic. Never a bad rendition of that song. Too Much, we have heard it too much now. Please leave it on the shelf. Die Trying, good tune. Where Are You Going (over played), why are you playing this of all the songs on Busted Stuff? What about Captain, BEF or Kit Kat Jam? American Baby was super tight and incredible to see live. Warehouse great tune, placed went nuts. Louisiana Bayou is a solid tune. Jimi Thing is a great song, but again, over played especially in these here parts. Place on shelf. Dream Girl had a nice groove, everyone was feeling it as the song progressed. Stone, not necessary. #41 havent heard that in awhile, lovely tune. Different jammy jam, nicely done. Two Step and Ants, although classics, they have been WAY overexposed. Can't say it enough, please "place them in a box until a quieter time". Everyday is played everytime they are here. Songs means a lot especially in NYC and 2001, but doesn't have to aired every show (So Right and Fool to Think would have been solid). Steady as We Go was fresh after 3 "standards". And a less than surprising close with Watchtower. Time to go back to the well for closers. All in all a good show, not great. Could have been memorable if the guys were more creative. NYC can handle creative and would greatly appreciate an original show. The new songs are great! Can't wait to see how they grow. There is a TON of material to choose from in the archives please keep it fresh and please stop playing to the casual fan. Suggestions: Minarets, #34, Let you Down, Say Good Bye, Last Stop (would be a crazy close), Halloween. Or just jam for the sake of jamming!