New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival, New Orleans, LA
Graph of songs performed, by album
The Stone
What Would You Say?
American Baby
So Much To Say -->
Too Much
Louisiana Bayou
Stand Up
Ants Marching
Two Step

Clif &.
As this being my 1st DMB show, I willingly gave up my "never been to a DMB show virginity in a heartbeat!" Althought some may say the set was not put together well, I feel that yes it was, because everyone around me was singing accept when the band played the 3 new songs form Stand Up. #41 was played a total of 16 minutes! I timed it after a 3 or 4 minute intro! The encore was a grand ending dripping with energy form the way Dave sang Trippin' Billies and Watchtower and of course the whole tempo the band played at! For being my 1st DMB show after 11 years of listing and loving them I so give the band my music CD allowance forever! Oh yeah New Orleans was a great a setting for DMB, (they said hello to the New Orleans crowd twice!)
Its amazing that this band just continues to get tighter and tighter on stage. The musical communication taking place among these guys is remarkable. Dave's voice sounds stronger than ever, as well. While a festival setting does tend to force the band into playing songs that are going to be pleasing to large numbers of people, it was, however, somewhat disappointing that today's setlist wasn't a bit more imaginative. All in all, though, its always great to see the boys in such fine form. Wish they made it to New Orleans more often.
Blake D.
This was truely one of the best days of my life... first their was galactic on stage before dave and the band, which is always a true new orleans treat... but only to be followed by one of my all time favorite bands. i've never heard the stone played with so much energy, esp. for being an opener. Carter nailed the drumming for this one. the whole day had been pretty cloudy and overcast, but as the show went on the skies were opened up and the sun was shining on the band and across the crowd. During Ants Marching a perticular "Angel" as i call her came out of no where and grabbed my arms and we began dancing in circles as in the Tom Saywer days. I call her my angel because it is a play of words from her name Angella and as i was talking with her the sky was the brightest and Ants Marching was at the peak of the song when rain began to fall ontop of the whole audience. i had never witness such a beautiful and perfect moment in time where i was with the most worthy band of mine, on the most beautiful day in my home town, with the most beautiful girl i had ever met in my life.
Nick T.
Jazz Fest saturday night was capped off by a great performanece. Before the band started their set the skies were cloudy and looked like they were about to pour. Only a few dropps fell during Stand Up and the mudd pits off to the left of the stage had a few Dave Mathews Band in them slipping around. The sound was great but the festival was not ready for such a large turn out as the crowd swelled to consume the stage on each side. The band should of had some input into the setup of the stage as hundreds of fans had no chance of seeing the band perform. The music sounded great even though they must of used the festivals equipment.
With this being the last show the band would perform before the release of the album, and the first in the U.S. before the big summer tour, I was very excited to hear how they would sound. Thankfully, the weather held out and didn't rain during the show. They definately didn't dissapoint, with a wide variety of songs. I would have to say it was the first concert I can recall since 2000 that I didn't hear a single song from "Busted Stuff", but being this was Jazz Fest and they were limited to their set, that was understandable. Highlights were hearing the 3 new songs they played, American Baby, Louisiana Bayou and Stand Up. I really liked LB the best of the 3-it had a great bass groove that Stefan really played hard. A nice start to the show with Stone, and a well played 41. With a festival-type crowd like this, you knew they were going to play the more radio-familar songs, and they did with WWYS, Too Much and Ants, but it was great to hear my favorite, Warehouse, and, for the encore, Two Step/Watchtower. They really seemed to have a lot of energy going and appeared to be enjoying the moment. That bodes well for a great summer tour-I can't wait.