State Theatre, Sydney, NSW, Australia
Graph of songs performed, by album
Everyday (#36)
Best of What's Around
Grey Street
When the World Ends
Lie in Our Graves
One Sweet World
Loving Wings
Where Are You Going?
American Baby
So Much To Say
Too Much

Don't Drink the Water
Ants Marching

This was my 30th ish dave show, and i thought it was great. The only thing bad I can say, is that it was shorter than normal, it was only about 2 hours and 15 minutes. But he mentioned in the beginning that his voice wasn't great. Dave had a lot of energy, and was more talkative than in the normal stadium shows. The theatre he played in was small and personal. He mentioned a few times how much he loves Australia, and the Australian people. The band played great, and really responded to the very excited Australian crowd. Highlights for me were: best of what's around, granny, and lie in our graves. And the energy for so much to say and too much were more than i've ever seen before. and of course when ants started, the crowd went nuts. overall a great show, I can't wait for tonight!
The first Dave Matthews Band show in Sydney and the first DMB show I have attended. It was an awesome night. From Dave walking out and introducing the support act, Carus (who wasn't too bad himself), to the moment that DMB left the stage it was great. The crowd was buzzed, and the theatre was packed. The show began. From the first note the guys had me hooked, and the whole crowd was in the palm of their hands. It was quite funny to be an Australian in the crowd, there were so many American fans around, Dave even mentioned this at one point saying that "there are a lot of American's here. Thats ok, but we came down here to meet some Australian people." I have been a fan for 8 years, which considering the lack of exposure these guys have had down under is pretty good, and this night just capped all of that off. It was great. hightlights of the evening: Grey Street. When The world ends (this blew me away..). Lie in our graves (an extended jam session on this fitted perfectly). Where Are You Going was perfect. Short simple and heartfelt. Crush, has to be one of my fave dmb songs and the performance tonite was everything I wanted it to be. Don't Drink the water, was brilliant. I loved it. I won't bore you guys with anymore dribble. It was good to finally see these guys. The performance was a bit short compared to some bootlegs i had heard, but nevertheless it was a nite i will remember. It seemed to be a Crowded streets performance evening. Only shortcoming according to my girlfriend was that crash wasnt performed. Ah well. Maybe next time. ps. it was finally good to see a band from another country on their debut aussie tour who didnt try the "G'day" thing. or mention Kangaroo's or Koala's or the crocodile hunter.
This was my first Dave Matthews Band concert and it certainly outlived any expectations. The night clearly "went off" from start to finish. From a spectators perspective i think we had Dave pretty much eating out of our hands all night although he did make us beg, well alot, for encore (about 15mins!) so i think he got his own back. The only real downer to the night was the lack of crash and two step i think the crowd would have melted for these! Hat's off to Boyd for an energy packed performance; his solo in "lie in our graves" was to die for. Boyd and Carter were feeding off each other and everyone in the theatre could feel their cleptic vibe. Unfortunatly Dave's voice was giving in near the end of the night and the show was a little shorter than expected. All in all the show was nothing less than brilliant from the support act "Callus" to ants marching. I hope that we injected them enough ozzie charm to draw them back very soon!
John A.
Oh my god! This was our first and hopefully not last DMB concert, and it was absolutely awesome. From the moment we first knew they were coming to Australia, we were in absolute shock, believing we would fully have to travel to America to see our favourite band. This shock and anticipation all came to a climax when they walked on stage and the tears rolled down my face, they were so tight and all musicians were totally amazing and on the ball. We joined the energetic and ecstatic crowd in dancing and cheering right until the band left the stage after the encore. Guys, we hope you can visit our little country again soon, you will be welcomed back with open arms!