East Coast Blues and Roots Festival, Byron Bay, NSW, Australia
Graph of songs performed, by album
Grey Street
What Would You Say?
One Sweet World
Jimi Thing
Hello Again
Satellite *
American Baby
So Much To Say
Too Much
Rhyme & Reason
Ants Marching

Two Step
All Along The Watchtower

* With Angélique Kidjo on vocals

Andy S.
Best. Show. Ever. I'm an American who was on study abroad in Brisbane and got a chance to see two shows in two nights - they played in Brisbane on a Wednesday and then in Byron Bay the next night. The Brisbane show was good but probably comparable to most of their other shows (I'vee been to about 5, 3 in Camden and 2 at Penn State). The Byron Bay show was ridiculous. It was especially awesome because I was standing in the front row, and none of the Australians knew much about DMB, so we got really close. I even met Boyd and Stefan before the show, they were walking around the festival earlier in the evening. Anyway, the show was mind-blowing. They played with more energy and enthusiasm than I've ever seen, live on or DVD. I am praying that they come out with a DVD of this show so I can relive it over and over. The coolest part was when Dave broke a string, dropped his guitar and just started flipping out onstage, it was incredible. Boyd's solo was ridiculous, and I actually got it on video from my digital camera. They played like 3 hours and was unbelievable from start to finish. You'll never get that experience in the US with their popularity here, and I'm almost sure they will never play a better concert, they can't possibly play with more energy. Amazing.
Christine S.
Byron Bay is a beautiful hippie coastal town in Australia which explodes at Easter for a Blues and Roots festival. DMB was not headlining the festival (REM and Jack Johnson got top billing - unbelievable) so we were sooo lucky with seating (center, three rows back).

The can't imagine. It exploded. The band played for three hours. He even apologied that he was enjoying himself so much and the concert was going on so long. He said at one point there was no other place in the world that he would rather be at that moment.

There weren't to many American's (but there were a core few) so it was mostly super keen Australian fans. And the love that was emoting from us...everyone was totally in the moment. "Everyday" went on for 15 minutes because we were all hollering the song while he played and smiled at us.

The concert was in a massive tent in a beautiful field. There was probably between 7000 - 10,000 people in the tent and after watching The Central Park DVD I am so glad that I missed every concert when I was travelling around the States because this DMB experience probably would be impossible in the US now.

Anjelic Kidjo sang Saterllite with the band (Dave sang a song in her set, it was beautiful. He shyly sang from a piece of paper). He also busted 3 guitar strings and at one point gave up on his guitar and danced around the stage like a mad man. Stefan played the Star Spangled Banner then kind of morphed it in to the Australian national anthem which went down sooo well. He was wearing an I love AU T-shirt. All the Australian's were hollering stay forever, stay.

Sorry, there is no critique happening in this critique but it's like 5 days later and I'm still smiling. Thanks sooo much for coming DMB(and stay, DMB, stay...)
Tim L.
Much better than the Brisbane, nearly a solo in every song. I just wish in his new song, he said "Australian Baby" instead of "American Baby" for the Aussie crowd. Dave also came out in one of Angelique Kidjo songs earlier, and read the words of a piece of paper, and danced around, which was really amazing to see because Angelique Kidjo said they've waited over a decade to play together.
DMB's first trip to the Blues Festival in Byron and their first trip to OZ... and can I say a LONG time coming!! What a show. DMB are a relatively unknown band down here but anybody at this show (and indeed any of the other shows) who went in with little knowledge of the band would have left with a massive grin on their face and thoughts of where they can get their albums! My only 'live' knowledge of the band is a brief look at their Cental Park DVD but my God are these guys good live! The energy that each and every one of them put into the shows is incredible. Highlights - has to be the first song Grey Street ( a personal fav.) Crush (an oldie but a goodie) and their amazing rendition of Watchtower..... what a performance. I hope Dave lives up to his promise of more tours in the coming years