Dave Matthews
Virgin Megastore, London, England
Graph of songs performed, by album
When the World Ends
The Space Between
Where Are You Going
Tripping Billies
Davespeak: Banning pants that hang below the buttocks
Everyday (#36)
All songs Dave solo .
A slightly hungover Dave came out around 1:30 pm to preform a free live concert promoting "Everyday" and the new single "The Space Between," which will be released on Monday, November 19 (in the UK). Did I mention this was a free show! Just Dave and his guitar, he played for about 40 minutes in front of about 500 fans, and then was nice enough to sign autographs for everyone. This is something that just wouldn't happen back in the states. The setlist was short, but sufficient (considering we didn't pay a dime). Tripping Billies was the highlight of the show. A great song never gets old. Do to Dave's extensive partying the night before, he acted a little goofy throughout. This let to some what of a comedy routine thoughout his preformance. It was hilarious. And proving that after 10 years of preforming, Dave is still the same guy, he shot the proverbial "shit" with each of his 500 fans. What a great guy. Thanks Dave.
Jun.30.2004 .
This was an solo acoustic performance, and it was fantastic. I was close to the stage and had a great view and could hear great. Though it was in London, it was mostly an American crowd. Dave was pretty funny as usual. The new song was sweet. I really liked the transition form Everyday to its predecessor #36. And Barteneder was a great finish. The best part of day: meeting Dave and getting a signed CD.
Jun.30.2004 .
Pretty good show, even though Dave had a hangover. WTWE sounds pretty flat in a one man acoustic version, but the rest of the show made up for it. Space Between was lovely as always. The new song, Superman, is very, very good however it seems the lyrics are still a little rusty, Billies was standard, and Everyday with the #36 outro was wonderful. Glad there was a good encore, Bartender was off the chain. All around a great solo showing by Dave. The English crowds really seem to warm up to him well.
Ash H.
This little show was pretty awesome , it was free at the virgin Megastore in London . I turned up at the last minute and just made it in before security closed the entrance . Dave came out and complained about being hungover , He opened with WHEN THE WORLD ENDS - pretty sweet song , sounded nice - THE SPACE BEWTEEN - My favorite of the everyday songs , always nice to hear - WHERE ARE YOU GOING - sounded really good , love this one !! - TRIPPING BILLIES - complete with the nature intro , best song of this small set easily , first time hearing it to - EVERYDAY - With the #36 outro so that was a treat - ENCORE BREAK - The crowd were chanting one more song and Dave did indeed come back and do that - BARTENDER - nice to hear , great track - after this I stuck around and got to meet Dave and he signed my DMB shirt , I asked him about the Folsom Field show and he told me they were making a video of that , a great day I'll never forget !!!