Dave Matthews
Hanover Grand, London, England
Graph of songs performed, by album
Flinstones Theme Improv -->
When the World Ends
Where Are You Going
Grace is Gone
I Did It
So Much to Say
Crash Into Me
The Stone (Wise Men outro)
Improv Jam -->
The Space Between
All Along the Watchtower
Ain't It Funny How Time Slips Away
The Maker
2nd Encore:
Long Black Veil
Ants Marching

All songs Dave solo

Dan K.
I went to London for college, sort of a semester at sea, and when i arrived in mid august there where white signs and in black bold letter saying "WHO IS DAVE MATTHEWS." They had no idea over there in the land of tea and crumpettes. then they want to release everyday over there and the band was going due a mini tour to support it. then 9/11 shooked the world and the band members would not make the trip. needless to say that would have made my life. anyhow the only way to get tickets was to win them through the radio. my buddy and decided to talk a walk and see where this place was. the trucks were outside pulling in the all the stuff to make the night so beautiful. there was a lady that had a hanover grand jumper on and i asked where i could get tickets. she said take a left over ther make right down walk ten steps and look to your left. done and done. i asked the guy for i ticket he asked for my wrist and next thing you know i was waiting in line first to see dave matthews. they let the press in first ( dave actually makes a joke about all of his "fans" were probably just reporters) and then me and my buddy's. we had the best time i was no less than to arms reach away from one of the most important man in life sing and play his nuts off. actually i saved one and it's in a jar at my house labeled dave's nut. show was great mede the trip and i have a roll of film and the wrist band still.
Aug.26.2005 .
Over all the setlist was very strong though had all of the songs of the Union Chapel gig. Having VIP passes got me to sit about ten feet away from him in the balcony. It was an amazing venue very upclose and personal even for the people in the back. On to the songs, he started out with the flenstones theme song, and did a great superman. It was more or less the same as Union Chapel except that he had a SECOND ENCORE! To keep it short The maker and ants marching were great and afterwards you could rip down a free dave poster on the street. It was a VERY good concert.
Jean-Paul L.
An absolutely unbelievable show. After two hours of waiting outside and hearing from the bouncers how there was no way I was going to get in, I was given a wristband by one of Dave's crew and granted access. I missed the first three songs, but the balance of what I saw was unbelievable! The sound was amazing, the vibe in the crowd was great and Dave was magnificent. Personal favorites included The Stone and Long Black Veil. Crowd faves were definitely Crash Into Me, Watchtower and the Ants Marching closer. All in all, this was a once in a lifetime experience that I was fortunate enough to share along with the other 900 people who were there.
Ash H.
This was a great great show , I did not get tickets through the Warehouse lottery so I was thinking I would not be able to go . I decided to go into downtown London around 2 pm anyways to see if I could find a ticket . I waited around for a good four hours before I finally managed to get a ticket , I was to excited . I met up with a bunch of other Dave fans who all seemed pretty cool . Now the Hanover Grand is a small nightclub which holds only 500 people or so , I got in and made it straight to the front - Dave came out and sang us a few lines from the FLINSTONES THEME SONG - everyone joined in on this which was pretty funny , nice way to start - WHEN THE WORLD ENDS - This was actually really good , I liked it a lot better with just Dave than the whole band - WHERE ARE YOU GOING - my first time hearing this and I thought it sounded great , starts off similar to Grace is gone , nice little jam in it -BARTENDER - This was awesome , powerfull track - GRACE IS GONE - Dave told us that he was inspired to write this song when his stepdad died , standard but nice - I DID IT - Again sounded a lot better with just Dave , nice version - EVERYDAY - This one sounded good , one of the better songs off the everyday album - CRUSH - Awesome !! , my first time hearing this and so far the song of the night , nice improv over the jam - So Much To Say - crowd loved it , pretty standard - CRASH INTO ME - This was ok , nothing special - THE STONE - Dave did the Wise man outro which was pretty sweet - TEASE - Dave teased some song which I had not heard before but sounded awesome !! - THE SPACE BEWTEEN - Sounded really good , best of the Everyday songs - All ALONG THE WATCHTOWER - song of the night , sounded amazing !!! , ENCORE BREAK - AINT IT FUNNY HOW TIME SLIPS AWAY - I was pretty happy to hear this , first time for me - THE MAKER - Also first time hearing this one , sounded nice - SATTELITE - This was great , played it nice and fast 2nd ENCORE BREAK - Dave came out for a second encore which was great as he never normally does that - LONG BLACK VEIL - This was awesome , crowd liked it - ANTS MARCHING - Perfect closer as always , one of my favorites , wonderfull version , sweet improv over jam just like Crush , overall a great solo show and with only a few hundred people made it very intimate and personal , a couple of anoying people in the crowd but it was not to bad .