Dave on Doughty Album

By Waldo Jaquith
Dave Matthews has a guest spot on Mike Doughty's upcoming release, Haughty Melodic, Jonathan Cohen reports in Billboard. Mike DoughtyDoughty, who was signed to ATO Records late last year, is the former frontman from Soul Coughing. Dave sings on just one track, "Tremendous Brunettes," though it wasn't immediately clear what his role on the disc would be. Said Doughty, "I've always envied hip-hop artists, because they can come in and do a verse and make a featured appearance on someone else's record. It's difficult to do that in the context of a pop song. So I asked Dave to sing a verse of this song and just said, 'pretend you're Lil' Kim!'" Haughty Melodic is slated for release on May 3.