New Disc "Back to Basics"

By Waldo Jaquith
In a revealing interview with the Boston Herald last Friday, Carter Beauford candidly discussed the Everyday recording process and the sound of the new album. This interview is the first time that any band member has publicly and directly criticized the band's much-debated 2001 release. Said Carter, "I was really not that pleased with it." He went on to say that the recording process left band members wondering if Dave might be considering a solo career (which Dave denied), and to describe the upcoming album as "back to the basics" and "raw." It will, says Carter, "pay homage to the early days" of the band. The disc is scheduled for release on July 2nd. Finally, the article says to "expect Tweeter Center dates in July," the latest in a series of indications that these long-rumored shows may be announced before long.