Stefan Discusses New Album, Tour, More

By Waldo Jaquith
Stefan did a rare interview with area radio station WBCN during an appearance at the Boston Globe Snowsports Expo in Boston this weekend. During the thirteen-minute discussion, Stefan states his preference for Everyday over the Lillywhite Sessions, and says of their upcoming recording session: "We're going to do it's going to be [The Lillywhite Sessions] songs, and maybe some new ones, possibly all those songs are going to be on there, but we haven't really talked [about] the details on, it'll be in San Francisco in the middle of February..." Regarding upcoming tours, he says: "We're doing two tours: one in the spring...and then one in the later summer and fall, and then we're leaving open the space in the middle for any European or overseas festivals like Fuji Fest or anything like that." Stefan goes on to say about the state of the band post-Ballard that "the word break-up never came into play at all, not even close." He also discusses his new signature Rossignol snowboard (available later this week from DMB's store) and how he designed it. You can hear the full interview by downloading the MP3 from WBCN's website.