Flood Zone Confusion

By Alex Wendt

Just to clear up some confusion I thought that I'd throw up a blurb about the new live album.

A long while back (about the time of the first live album's release) there was a rumor floating around that an early '93 Flood Zone show would be the 2nd live album. This rumor was quickly accepted as fact without question. reported on August 12th that the show for the next release had not been decided on yet, but that there were people on the inside, pulling for the 01.23.93 show to be released.

It looks like we won't get our hands on that Flood Zone show, but rather we might see the 06.16.97 show (Brian Flume's guess) -- it looks like a good choice from any 'Garden State' shows ... not to start any rumors...

Hope that clears up any confusion.