New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival, New Orleans, LA
Graph of songs performed, by album
One Sweet World*
Pig *
Hunger For The Great Light *
Recently *
Old Dirt Hill *
American Baby Intro *
Everyday *
Tripping Billies *
Smooth Rider *+
Jimi Thing *
Louisiana Bayou *

* Rashawn Ross on trumpet
+ The Edge (of U2) on guitar

Wow...what an experience the last three days have been. We made the trek from Austin to Naw'lens on Friday and got to enjoy my first tastes of Burbon Street. What a city, but believe me, the best was yet to come. Woke up later than planned and made it to Jazzfest at about 3:30...DMB at 5:30. Most of the good spots had already been sharked out and reserved with blankets and lawn chairs but we managed to claim a good 2'x2' spot, just big enough for three butts to sit down. Excellent view of the entire stage on a bright grey day. The band finally came out and broke into a nice OSW opener. Dave seemed excited to be back on a stage. Next, the crowd went nuts as Boyd led us into a very heartfelt rendition of Pig. The line "if a great wave should wash us all away" took on a whole new meaning to a city who has experienced such a reality. Dave talked about rebuilding the city and called it the "greatest music city in the world...not to mention the greatest party in the world!" A few SU songs, and a jammin' Recently were great early on. Dave talked about touring the 9th Ward and how more action need to be taken towards rebuilding the city. Boyd stole the show during Tripping Billies and Jimi Thing. The Edge from U2 was a suprise guest on an extended version of Smooth Rider, then the obligatory Louisiana Bayou closer, but the biggest suprise of the night was the encore. After LB wrapped up and the band walked offstage, the roadie grabbed for the 12 string so a LWS or BS jam was coming. Personally I was hoping for Big Eyed Fish, but was BLOWN AWAY as Dave pulled JTR out of the cobwebs and mothballs, just as a light rain started to fall on the crowd. The rarity made up for it being only a one song encore. Amazing experience, met some cool cats who made the trip from Wisconsin and some Biloxi dudes too. Should be a great tour, next stop for me, KC...
Kristina R.
Wow.. what else can be said.. when The Edge came out and played I thought I'd faint! A U2 band member playing with DMB.. my two favorite all time groups combined. I was in heaven! Dave and The Edge played guitar together beautifully. The band was on fire and definately felt the spirit of the crowd. What is it with Jazzfest and rain the last two years, but it is always worth it. It felt like it was planned when the rain started to the encore JTR. You just cannot plan stuff like that! I would have to say it was better than my all time favorite Jazzfest performance when DMB had special guests Lenny Kravitz and Paul Simon do songs with them. To add to all I got one of Carter's drumsticks.. something to remember it all by!
First of all, I am a new fan since Oct. 2005 and this was my very first DMB show. I can't compare this show to other DMB shows, but as a first timer, I think the show was amazing. I have been to many, many concerts in the past, and alot of artists will play/sing their songs much differently than the original version. It seems that DMB are really true to their songs but put their own little live twist to them.

As the stage was being set up, it was wild to see how the fans reacted when Carter's drumset was rolled out onto the stage! I was very, very fortunate that a friend was able to get VIP passes to the Acura Hospitality Tent, with a great viewing area for my first DMB show. I set chairs up at about 1pm at the very front and dared not move in fear of losing my excellent seats. I really got some amazing pictures.

Even though I have immersed myself in everything DMB in the last six months, there are some songs that I didn't know, like "JTR." I was listening intently to the words and as Dave sang "Rain, rain down on me," I think everyone freaked a bit when it started to rain a little. At some point, a female fan decided to give Dave a personal show, and was either without clothing or topless, and of course, security got right on it and took her out, to which Dave responded, "don't take the pretty naked lady away." Everyone loved it!!

I was thrilled that they played Everyday, Trippin' Billies, Old Dirt Hill and Jimi Thing. I think I danced and sang the entire show (along with everyone else!). It was a very large happy crowd. My biggest concert thrill since seeing Led Zeppelin and the Grateful Dead. I hope to experience many many more Dave Matthews Band concerts.
This show was unbelievable and completely unexpected. I figured that the show of the "rebirth of New orleans" would be awesome but this was incredible. The songs on this setlists came out of nowhere. They didnt play too many old hits. Instead they play the songs that DMB fans really would enjoy. They played every song that day with all of their heart. It was truly a great great show and I am so glad that I was able to be there.
Sco G.
Wow. This was my fourth show, and while it wasn't the best I've been at, it was really awesome. One Sweet World and Recently were both incredible. Jimi Thing opened my eyes to how cool the song could be. Still a lot of Stand Up - a little more than I would have preferred, but I think the 5 selections were mostly okay (Hunger, Smooth Rider, AB Intro, and Bayou are 4 of the better songs). Old Dirt Hill was boring, the crowd started to fall asleep with that one. Encore break, it started to rain a little bit, I saw them bring out the 12-string. I had a strange feeling JTR would come, but was expecting Grey Street or Bartender or possibly Big Eyed Fish. When the first few chords hit, it was insane - you knew immediately who was a long time fan and who barely knew the band. Singing the chorus with the rain coming down was incredible.