Qwest Center, Omaha, NE
Graph of songs performed, by album
Opening Band: Gavin DeGraw
Don't Drink the Water
When The World Ends
Stand Up (For It)
Seek Up
Hunger for the Great Light
Where Are You Going?
American Baby Intro
American Baby
Dancing Nancies
Old Dirt Hill (Bring that Beat Back)
Louisiana Bayou
What Would You Say?
Donít Burn The Pig
Two Step
Ants Marching

I thought it was a great show. It was pretty cool to see, DDTW. I did thinnk that WTWE took away some of the crowd's energy, but i think Dave and the guys got it right back when they followed it up with an amazing performance of Stand up. The American Baby Intro blew my mind. It was so awesome to see the band give that much energy. Dancing Nancies was great live. again, i thought ODH took some of the energy down, but louisianna bayou brought it back, and then some. Boyd was really into it, and that is great to see. its great to watch a band who is as into what they're doing as these guys. It was a memorable show for me.
Ian W.
This was my second time seeing Dave Matthews Band. Finally seeing them in my hometown made the night especially memorable. You can clearly see what they played and basically get a sense of the concert from that. The only thing I'll add is that the Omaha area fans seemed to react really well to DMB and vice-versa. It's been nine long years since they first came to Omaha to play at the Civic Center. The town was extremely grateful to have the boys back.
Nick W.
Ive been to 3 DMB shows, this was the first at an indoor venue. I definatly think outdoor shows are better, but this was a great performance. The whole band had a ton of energy, Boyd and Dave danced around the stage like they were kids running around at the playground. The show seemed to start out a little slow after the predictable, but powerfull Dont drink the water opening,followed by Dreamgirl, wich was nice to hear live for the first time but a faster tempo song to keep the crowd jamming would have been better. When the world ends is a great song but it kept the slow paced tempo going, until stand up wich sped it up but it seemed the crowd was there for the older songs. Seek up came next, I was very happy to hear this as I havent heard it live yet. Great Light was when the crowd took a break as most fans there probably havent heard the whole new CD yet(shame on them) but they all came back to life when the radio friendly hit Where are you going was played. When the started the American Baby intro I was shocked I really didnt expect it, the band did a great job of making it its own song, loved it. I cant say enough about the end of the show American baby, Dancing Nancies (the 1st dave song I ever heard), WWYS, Pig (my favorite DMB song)and Two step loved it. The crowd was really pumpped up after the finish, One good thing about indoor concerts are the lighters and cellphones for the encore looked great. They teased christmas son didnt really play it the crowd didnt react enough, but Everyday and the old stand by closer Ants Marching sent the crowd out more than pleased with the show. Great show I hope they come back to the Big O again if not I will travel to see another show next year...
Joel B.
The show was great. This was my 13th show and was just as much fun as the first. I was in section 219 and looking down it seemed like everyone was standing, but my section I was the only one. I hope they didn't mind, but I've waited 9 years for a hometown show where we didn't have to drive 3 hours to get home. All in all it was a great show. Would have loved to have heard more than a tease of Christmas Song, but definitely no complaints here.
Being a DMB fan from Nebraska isnt easy; hell being a fan of about any band when u live in Nebraska isnt easy. Mainly due to the fact that you can only go to KC so many times before you have to travel over 7 hrs to Chicago or denver (which I'm not complaning about as those towns have had some bad ass shows the last few years). But when the guys FINALLY play Nebraska for the 1st time in 9 years, you'd think there'd be a little better response. I was in the front row and looked around in dissapointment as there were sooo many people just standing there. Yeah the band put on a great show, but the crowd was weak. Seek Up was great, but when you pin it between WTWE, Stand Up, Hunger and Where r u goin, the energy kinda dive bombs. I had a graet show, I thought the energy of the band and the energy of most of the songs was on, but c'mon NE represent a little better next time!
Mark W.
The venue was excellent for an incredible show - DMB must return.

Who didn't get goosebumps listening to the American Baby intro? - it is still playing in my head.

The show did seem to end to quickly, but I always want them to play on and on.

Most of the crowd enjoyed the show, but there were few sitting around me commenting they didn't like the constant standing - guess these were not seasoned dmb fans.
This was my 10th DMB show. After experiencing Red Rocks Night 3, it's tempting to become a Dave Snob. But it's easy to find something amazing in every show. This was the first time I heard Seek Up - which was incredible. And I hadn't heard Two Step since my first time. The crowd was great with Old Dirt Hill and Everyday. The band had a lot of energy - especially compared to the night before in Minneapolis when they were (understandbly) a little rusty. As always, the show was a lot of fun. Can never complain about a Dave show!
I believe this was my 13th show and I'd definitely have to rank it as my favorite indoor show. The accoustics at the Qwest Center are amazing! The band was extremely energetic and the crowd, at least around us, seemed to match that energy very well. I always love DDTW as an opener. American Baby was great to hear, as it escaped me over the summer. The encore was probably the best I've ever heard, however, NE doesn't seem to get into the Hani, Hani's too much. My concert experience was topped off by getting my first set list :-) To everyone with upcoming shows this winter, enjoy!