Dave Matthews Band
O'Connell Center, Gainesville, FL
Graph of songs performed, by album
Opening Bands: Jurassic 5, Ben Harper and the Innocent Criminals

Don't Drink The Water
Hello Again
Grey Street
The Stone
So Much To Say (ASTB) -->
Too Much
One Sweet World
Cry Freedom
Lie in Our Graves
Where Are You Going?
Stay (Wasting Time)
Everyday (#36)
All Along the Watchtower

Mitchell K.
In 4 words, "The show was awsome"...While jurassic 5 didnt too much in warming up the crowd, Ben Harper really did a good job at getting people in the DMB mood. The show kicked off with a low bassy intro into D.D.T.W which really got the crowd going. Following that, a good Pig was played, and then Hello Again. While most people werent familiar with his new stuff, the crowd really got into this song halfway through when Carter busted out a crazy solo. Grey Street was amazing, quickly followed by The Stone, a personal favorite of mine. So Much To Say was a real big hit with the crowd, and Dave's dancing during A.S.T.B into Too Much made the crowd go nuts. One Sweet World was a nice slow down into an emotional Cry Freedom. Following that, Dave picked the crowd right back up with a nasty Lie In Our Graves. Boyd Tinsley was on fire, and Dave broke two guitar strings. As the solos wound down, it seemed that a strong finish to LIOG was coming, but instead Dave busted out an incredible Warehouse. A relaxing where are you going followed and then Dave closed the setlist with a crazy stay. The stay-don't leave outro lasted along time. Amidst changt's of Let's Go Gators and UF's Orange and Blue, the encore went quickly to have the band come back with a nice #36 intro and outro with Everyday. After that, a wacky bass solo by stefan made its way into an All Along the Watchtower with so much energy I thought Dave's head was gonna explode... It was really quite a good show, hopefully rivaled by the last stop in Washington.
REALLY good set. Started out strong w/ 3 BTCS songs w/ Hello Again, and Grey St. in the mix. The first 5 songs were STELLAR!! Hell of a start, I must say! Grey St. was particularly good, Roi jammed for quite a while. Love the slow jam that they've started this year in Too Much, makes the song that much better. OSW was standard '04 version. Cry Freedom was good, what made it great was the placement in the set, and of course Roi, duh. LIOG was avg. IMO. First time I heard it this yr. Boyd was on fire as he has been throughout the yr. Don't get me wrong, it was a good version, and I'm glad I heard it, but it wasn't "The greatest version ever"

The segue into WH was different. Basically after Boyd's solo, and the tempo is slowed, almost to a stop Dave didn't come back and sing "I can't believe that we would..." Instead they started playing WH w/ the Woo's. Ironically enough, I enjoyed WAYG. The song doesn't make the ears bleed as much, when it's not played once a show. Even Stay was pretty good, considering it's a song that doesn't change. Everyday was OK. Nothing spectacular. AATW was DAMN good!! Probably not as good as the versions w/ N. Yonng or BH, for Obv. reasons, but still this version holds it own.

They changed the solo's up a bit. As per usual Boyd takes the first solo, then Butch, then Roi, and Carter just goes ape shit w/ ever other nano-second. What's different is after Roi's solo, he passes it back to Butch, and then Butch gave it back to Roi. Good show.
Kat R.
The show was excellent. The O-dome filled with screaming Kerry supporters all there to hear Dave. Jurassic 5 wasn't the best, but Ben Harper put on a concert all of his own. Dave's band played more of their older songs, but was still a great concert. The encore got the crowd pumped. I don't think I've ever seen that many people dancing and singing to "All Along the Watchtower". One of the best concerts I've been to. P.S. GO GATORS!