Dave Matthews
EMP Skychurch, Seattle, Washington
Graph of songs performed, by album
Where Are You Going *
Crash Into Me *
Everyday (#36)
Entire show Dave solo
* Aired on original MTV broadcast - December 1st, 2002

This was the show that Dave played for MTV's World AIDS Day concert. Also at the show in Seattle were Michelle Branch (she was really good!) and Missy Elliott. Dave sounded good, although he said he had some phlegm from drinking wine before the show (to calm him down). He didn't talk much between the songs, since it was being taped, but he did say a few things. He joked that him tuning his guitar in between some of the songs was a highlight of the evening. He said he talked to Missy Elliott backstage and was nervous because he was a fan. A lot of people in the audience seemed to be there only because MTV was taping it- they didn't seem to be into Dave much. I overheard a girl behind me ask her friend if Dave was always acted weird! And of course there were the people yelling for songs like Watchtower, although I heard one guy yell for Stuck On You that Dave did for the Elvis tribute. So there were some fans in the audience. But it was very staged since MTV was there. I managed to be in the third row off to the side, and with short people in front of me I had a perfect view. I also saw Dave in the afternoon before the show. I was standing by the will-call window waiting for my tickets and I saw when Dave was driven in. Then a little bit later he was standing right outside the loading dock garage with a bunch of security people. They were about 40 feet from me. I kept glancing over, and Dave looked back and for a while just stared at me. It was funny how many people walked by and didn't notice that Dave was there! Finally two guys walked towards Dave and his entourage and they went inside before the guys got over to them. The concert was good but I wish Dave could have played more than 5 songs.