Dave Matthews
Bridge School Benefit: Shoreline Amphitheater, Mountain View, CA
Graph of songs performed, by album
The Stone
So Much to Say
The Maker *
Where Are You Going
I Did It
Ain't It Funny How Times Slips Away
Crash Into Me
Ants Marching
All Along the Watchtower ^
* Tracy Chapman on vocals
^ Neil Young on guitar and harmonica
All other songs Dave solo

The show was great, Dave playing solo isn't something that happens very often with exception to radio shows. My friend and I had been planning to yell out "The Stone" all day and when he opened with that song we went crazy. So Much to Say is always one to get the crowd invovled because it was one everyone knew whether they were there for Dave or not. I totally didn't expect "The Maker" to be played, and with Tracy Chapman! It was an awesome suprise for everyone. I had heard about the new song and really wanted to hear it, so when Dave said that his next song was new I again went crazy. He had been making sure his guitar was in tune throughout the show by playing the opening chord to "Recently" so when he started that one it wasn't too big of a shocker, but always good to hear one of the originals.I Did It" was a fun one to hear acoustic and solo, especially when Dave had to sing Boyd's part, the crowd loved it. I thought he was going into "Grace is Gone" but when I recognized that it was "Ain't It Funny" I was stoked becuase I had heard about it all summer and finally got to hear it live. Then he ended the show with back to back to back favorites that everyone loved. "Crash Into Me" to "Ants Marching" and then to "Watchtower" with Neil Young! Can't say the songs weren't expected but I'm sure that everyone was hoping to hear them. "Watchtower" was the probably the best one of the list and Neil Young made it spectacular. Great show and I hope does some more solo shows. Peace.