Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds
Fleet Center, Boston, Massachusetts
Graph of songs performed, by album
Lie In Our Graves
Crash (Into Me)
Christmas Song (All You Need is Love, Can't Buy Me Love) [without Stefan]
Short intro -> Tripping Billies
Let You Down
Lover Lay Down
Muted guitar intro (no mouth sounds) -> Minarets -> Deed Is Done
Typical Situation
Recently (Norwegian Wood in the outro)
Too Much (with a scat bridge, Golden Years/Fame outro)
Jimi Thing -> What Will Become of Me?
Stream (Tim Solo)
Dancing Nancies
Say Goodbye
Ants Marching

Cry Freedom

Devon J.
Okay, here it is folks. My review of the show, in it's entirety, from start, to finish. First, the pre-show happs. Saw Viega before the show and he mentioned that redlt hinted that Stefan may be showing up to play a little bass. Then my friend runs up behind us to say 'hey, there's a bass on stage.' So....Stefan was there and playing some pretty nice grooves. I then meandered over to the one and only Jeff Bagby. (this is the 'privileged info':) 1. NO soundboards are given out, nor are copies of the show. I know this seems obvious, but since there was a post the other day about it, I figured I'd just verify....there's the answer for Jaffray and all the others baffled by that post. 2. The reason he's called Bagby, not Thomas. Well, here I have to confess that my good sounding, rumored story that I posted the other week is totally wrong. The reason that his name went from Thomas to Bagby can be attributed to a simple marital thing and all the name changes and confusion that go with that. I stopped him before he got into the details cause it's none of my business, but I think that answer suffices. Now for the show..... Dave and Tim and Stefan take the stage at 7.15 (this is 'prompt'?) more thing of great importance to the future of the night.....before the show, I slipped a piece of paper on his monitor saying "Play #40 [underscore] PLEASE!!!!" (more on the results of this later). Warehouse opens the set. Well done, but Tim was sorta inactive. After this, everyone was yelling for songs and Dave began what would be a night of making fun of the audience for their hoots and howls. He said that we all sounded like gorillas and made some funny noises and stuff, then said that it's the sound that he makes when he's gotta make a really harsh BM, and it was all downhill from there. He told this story about a little girl who went on a plane and took a shit....I'll leave the story up to someone else though. LIOG...Timmy came to life in a serious way.....well done. Short pause, no 'and we dance away' Crash Christmas Song (All You Need is Love, Can't Buy Me Love) [Stefan was off stage for this] brief intro -> Billies Let You Down. Nice to hear. Surprised I could say that. Dave did some nutty scatting and even whistled a bit at the end there. Lover Lay Down Muted guitar intro (no mouth sounds) -> Minarets -> Deed Is Done. Timmy was tearing on 'rets and Dave sang it 'Sister Maria'.....I'm beginning to think that this is less of a slip and more of a religious reference what with the minarets and all. Deed only had one verse done (so I guess you could say the deed wasn't done....oooh that was bad :), but it's better than not hearing it at all, so who am I to complain. Typical Situation Timmy rocked as always on this tune. Dave repeatedly sang 'too many voices' not too many choices. Recently (Norwegian Wood in the outro) Too Much (with a scat bridge, Golden Years/Fame outro).....Timmy laid down this awesome groove that Dave and Stefan were loving every last minute of. Jimi Thing -> What Will Become of Me. They finshed the Jimi and Dave made a jesture with has hands and said "that song that we do here" to Timmy and they went right into it. Dave and Stefan leave for STREAM...Timmy rocked the hizouse on this one (too bad some fuckers got up and left during's not an intermission folks!) Satellite Dancing Nancies. Dave is busy going off about learning how to make bombs and run the world via the internet (prompted by some chick putting a present up on stage, he made a gesture to it and went "BOOM"), someone in the row in front of me (3, orch) screamed Nancies cause he was talking about the internet, and he played it.....coincidence? Probably. Say Goodbye. Timmy on slide.... Ants....Timmy again. Where's Stefan for this? Encore with #41 and Cry Freedom. If you've read this far, you get the special info on what happened. So after Goodbye, my friend is shouting "Dave, look at your monitor" (where the #40 note was), and Dave is like "I see it, but I just don't know how to play it" [smile]. So then, when he comes out for the encore, this dude (Chris) in front of the stage grabs my note and is like "Dave, play this, come on" and he's like "sorry, I just can't remember it". So, he plays #41 and says "I know what I'm gonna play, it's this one. It's called number forty.....ONE" I may have slightly overemphasized, but he definitely was doing it intentionally. Chris told me later that Dave looked at him when he said this and kinda laughed when he paused between words ( Other funny story was before x-mas, he's talking about being judge at the gates of heaven and some guy in front of me yells "He's [god] probably stoned", so this sets Dave off into a thing about the kid being stoned and he better watch out or he's in trouble when he gets to the gates (smiling all the time). Some other kids put Prayer in the Pentagon on stage for him (thanks for telling me what that is, if you're on here ;) (sarcasm). Oh. And dave was wearing a sweater that I own (his was red, mine is brown). It's from Structure.....I guess he's moving up from the homemade pants of yesteryear. There's tons more to talk about, but those are the highlights, etc. I gotta go now. Lots to do. Thanks for sticking with me. If I get it on tape, I'll be looking for some HQ trades. I'll let y'all know. WAIT! Forgot to run the tallies.....21 songs (including WWBOM and Deed, even though they weren't 'complete' songs), concert lasted around 2.15 -- kinda short, if you ask me :)