IL AG Accuses DMB of Sewage Dumping

By Waldo Jaquith
After two weeks of investigation, the Illinois Attorney General has accused bus driver Stefan Whol of illegally dumping a bus' sewage tank into the Chicago River, dousing the audience with the contents in the process. The state cites surveillance videos showing that Whol was driving the bus in question to pick up a member of Dave Matthews Band at a nearby hotel when he crossed over the bridge, which is rather damning evidence against him. The band has issued a statement saying that their driver maintains his innocence, but that they're reserving judgment until they see the surveillance videos. Note that this is a different bus and driver than was originally accused -- that was Jerry Fitzpatrick, who demonstrated his innocence by showing his bus' tank was full. DMB -- or perhaps Wohl -- could be liable for up to $70,000 in fines. Update: The Smoking Gun has the text of the lawsuit, which describes Wohl as an employee of the band since March of last year, and seeks to enjoin Wohl and DMB from further such acts, for the band to review their bus waste disposal policies, and recovery of all the state's legal fees.