C'ville Video Recording Done

By Waldo Jaquith
The video production crew has wrapped up their work in Charlottesville after two days of filming the "Everyday" video. Day one was the most public, with filming starting at the warehouse on South Street, continuing down First Street and up the Downtown Mall to Third Street. All along the way, video star Judah Friedlander, clad in a t-shirt and American flag baseball cap, stopped pedestrians and asked if he could give them a hug, all the while with cameras rolling. Dozens of people were recorded hugging Friedlander, including the news team from local TV station WVIR that had shown up to record the goings-on. Filming continued on 14th Street near UVa, a neighborhood known for being entirely populated by students, at a house by the name of "Breasthaven." (I swear I'm not making that up.) Yesterday, filming took place out of the public eye at the band's studio, tucked away into a small valley outside of Charlottesville, where the scenes with the band were recorded. The final scenes will be filmed in New York City soon, though the content and location of those is currently unknown, as is the release date of this new video.