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The DMBTA Song Catalog

On the right is a list of all the songs DMB has performed. When you click on a song, you will see a list of all the dates that the song has been performed by the band -- from there, you will in turn be able to access the setlists and reviews of those particular shows.

Cover songs are indexed with the DMB original songs; the original artists are listed to the right of the title, in parantheses. Songs that DMB (in part or in whole) has performed with other bands are similarly listed, as are Tim Reynolds and Greg Howard originals.

Controversial as this may be, we have not listed intros and outros in this index. Simply put, we feel that they are not actual songs, but rather intros and outros, as their names suggest. In addition, we have no way of knowing how often these intros and outros get played, as many fans do not know them. Rather than list inaccurate records, we've opted to not list them at all in catalog-fashion; you may still find the intros and outros listed o the review pages, however.

Tour Archive

If I Had a Boat

1999-01-20: Burruss Auditorium, Blacksburg, Virginia
1999-01-22: Hass Auditorium, Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania
1999-01-26: Bailey Hall, Ithaca, New York
1999-01-27: Stanley Theatre, Utica, New York
1999-01-27: Stanley Theatre, Utica, New York
1999-01-29: Landmark Theatre, Syracuse, New York
1999-01-30: Eisenhower Hall, West Point, New York
1999-02-02: Beacon Theatre, New York, New York
1999-02-03: Eisenhower Hall, University Park, Pennsylvania
1999-02-06: Jorgenson Auditorium (University of Connecticut), Storrs, Connecticut
1999-02-07: Weis Center, Lewisburg, Pennsylvania
1999-02-09: Wait Chapel (Wake Forest University), Winston-Salem, North Carolina
1999-02-10: Page Auditorium (Duke University), Durham, North Carolina
1999-02-16: Ryman Auditorium, Nashville, Tennessee
1999-02-17: Brock Auditorium, Richmond, Kentucky
1999-02-20: Lovett Auditorium, Murray, Kentucky
1999-02-27: Center for Faith & Life (Luther College), Decorah, Iowa
1999-02-28: Jesse Auditorium (University of Missouri), Columbia, Missouri
1999-03-02: Macky Auditorium (University of Colorado), Boulder, Colorado
1999-03-03: Kingsbury Hall, Salt Lake City, Utah
1999-03-06: Union Hall, Phoenix, Arizona
1999-03-07: Arlington Theatre, Santa Barbara, California
1999-03-10: Bridges Auditorium (Claremont College), Claremont, California
1999-03-13: Berkeley Commuinity Theater, Berkeley, California
1999-03-14: Headwaters Forest Benefit, Marin Civic Auditorium, San Rafael, California